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Master Charger is brought in to appraise the merchandise of the collective, inspecting the young men to give their owners honest, impartial value for resale purposes as well as to feel secure in their investments. A prized specimen in his own right, Master Charger is a stunningly handsome mature daddy with salt and pepper hair, a trimmed beard, a bodybuilder’s physique, and a powerful, insatiable desire to breed. Whether on the auction block, up for assessment, or the property of the dom, boys tremble and quiver at the thought of being under foot to the powerful daddy, making him an impressive presence among the buyer society.

Chapter 4 The Appraisal THE BOY DANNY

Chapter 2 The Auction THE BOY RICHIE

Chapter 7 Milking the Slaves THE BUYER'S GROUP

Chapter 8 Party Favor THE BUYER'S GROUP

Chapter 9 The Master’s Grandson THE BUYER'S GROUP

Chapter 7 Appraisal THE BOY RIVER

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY JACK BAILEY

Chapter 2 The Prize THE BOY AIDAN

Chapter 3 The Appraisal THE BOY AIDAN

Chapter 7 Milking the Slaves THE BUYER'S GROUP

Chapter 20 The Appraisal THE BOY AUSTIN

Chapter 4 The Prize THE BOY TOM

Chapter 5 The Appraisal THE BOY TOM

Chapter 3 The Prize THE BOY ELI