About Us

BoyForSale.com is an adult, fantasy website depicting fictional relationships between voluntary participants in dom/sub role play. In these stories, the young men willingly submit to the men in a mock, black-market auction and consent to acting out being purchased as voluntary sex slaves. As in all erotic fiction and fantasy pornography, the events captured in video and photography are for entertainment use only and do not reflect any real-world acts.
BoyForSale.com and its creators believe that sex of all kinds should begin and end from a place of enthusiastic, informed consent. While BoyForSale represents fictional, fantasy depictions of various degrees of BDSM fetishes and kinks, including the dynamics of “masters” and “slaves,” it does not support or advocate the real-world, criminal, non-consensual acts of sex trafficking and slavery. Kink, bondage, and role play are, at the core, about fantasy exploration in a safe, fun, and legal manner. All performers are consenting adults and of legal age at the time of filming.