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Master Charger is brought in to appraise the merchandise of the collective, inspecting the young men to give their owners honest, impartial value for resale purposes as well as to feel secure in their investments. A prized specimen in his own right, Master Charger is a stunningly handsome mature daddy with salt and pepper hair, a trimmed beard, a bodybuilder’s physique, and a powerful, insatiable desire to breed. Whether on the auction block, up for assessment, or the property of the dom, boys tremble and quiver at the thought of being under foot to the powerful daddy, making him an impressive presence among the buyer society.


Cole is a handsome young jock, fresh out of high school and unsure of his future. His rosy cheeks and porcelain skin made him a true work of art, worthy of admiration and devotion. He truly is a good, all-American boy.

...But deep down, he has desires different from most of his peers. He’s always fantasized about being someone’s trophy and slave, submitting to their every dark and twisted desire. A mixture of naivete and bravery lead him to search for and find a place where his sexual fantasies can be reality. He didn't know the extent of what was in store for him, and his complete surrender was required up front. He would be an object...a mere toy to be used. Anxiously at first, he gave up his free will. But as things progressed his fears took a backseat to his young hormones as his dick got steely hard and leaked a seemingly never-ending copious stream of precum.


Jack comes from a long line of powerful men. Everyone before him has shown incredible promise, excelling in their chosen fields and becoming pillars of the community and the family. It’s a big, cold shadow to have to live in, striving to be like his father and grandfather. When he became aware of the world of buyers, masters, and slaves, he felt he’d found a unique answer to a problem he didn’t know he had. He knew he’d never be like the men in his family, but he found himself drawn to the idea of serving men like them. He fantasized about being submissive, taking care of their needs in every way, even taking their hard, deep, bareback breeding. Luckily, Jack’s grandfather happens to be a master and was happy to show him what life is like on the other side of the power dynamic.