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Not too long ago, Mr. Armstrong got curious about why his boy Austin was leaving the house so late at night and coming home in the quiet hours of the morning. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine his boy was a trained sex object traded between the powerful men of the Buyer’s Group.

Becoming a member is by invitation only, and when Mr. Armstrong was discovered following young Austin to one of the group’s rotating collection of warehouses, he was detained by their private security force. When the anonymous leader of the Buyer’s Group was made aware of Mr. Armstrong’s presence, his association to Austin and the nature of their unique relationship came to light. Mr. Armstrong was given the opportunity to buy in to the secret society. As an extraordinarily successful contractor whose name is well known around the city, Mr. Armstrong was eager to gain and, more importantly, able to afford his place with them.

To his delight, Mr. Armstrong learned that his son was an original acquisition and wildly popular commodity to the local chapter. Unknown to the boy, Mr. Armstrong became Master Armstrong, and he would reveal himself to his son in a new and exciting way.


Austin was, until he dropped out, a senior in high school. Recently he even started attending classes at the local junior college which is remarkable only because he looks quite a bit younger. Standing at 5’2” and weighing just 100lbs, he barely weighs in as a full grown adult. Overwhelmed by the pressures and responsibilities of young adulthood, he’s fantasized about being able to give up his independence.

Without knowing much about his sexuality, his daydreams are filled with thoughts of surrendering to strong, powerful men who would take care of him and tell him what to do. In fact, the very idea has been enough to get his young heart racing, his cock hard, and his hole twitch with anticipation. After a recent spate of bad luck, the boy found himself alone and on the street where he was recruited by Master Felix, groomed to become one of his prized possessions. The boy willingly submits to his new owners, turned on by the idea of becoming someone’s property and freed from the burdens of life without his beloved collar.