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Master Divino isn’t the most imposing of doms. With his well-mannered personality, clean presentation, and friendly face, he appears as just another gentleman to most. What lies beneath, however, is so much more! All of his adult life, he’s gotten plenty of attention for his good looks and massive cock. So much so that many have submitted themselves to him repeatedly for the chance to kneel before it and worship it...

At first it was simply just flattering, but he’s grown to love it more and more over time! Now, he’s come to get off on the submission of his bottoms more than anything else, relishing their hunger for his cock and to be of service to him. Ready to take his lust for dominance to the next level, he’s found himself at the auction!


Mark is an All-American boy. Handsome, active, friendly, fit, and intelligent. He has spent most of his life being groomed and prepared for great things. It has always been his birthright to grow up to become a leader, standing out amongst his peers, becoming a model of success. But as he’s matured, he has also come to realize that the persona doesn't quite fit him. Like a costume he’s had to put on, he’s always struggled to figure out what it was that he wanted out of life, never finding anything that made him feel true to himself...

That is until he put on the collar of a slave! As soon as he was stripped down and brought out, he felt more sure of himself and his destiny than ever before. Now, shed free of the indoctrinated fiction of autonomy, he willingly gives himself over to the powerful men who desire him!