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THE BOY JACK / boyforsale


Jack is a boy who loves getting up to mischief...mostly outdoors. His daredevil hobbies are as much an act of rebellion as they are a way to have fun. The thing is, Jack comes from a very strict family and throughout his childhood was on the receiving end of quite a bit of discipline. He discovered early on that his greatest thrill is to put himself in the control of another person completely—more specifically, to be disciplined at the hands of an older man.

Jack has always been surrounded by dominant men interested in shaping his untamed spirit. Given his past, it's not at all surprising that Jack eventually found his way to a dark room where he would be groomed for auction and used by powerful and wealthy men. Just a few short months later, standing in a room wearing nothing but a black bowtie and jockstrap and surrounded by handsome gentlemen in their suits and ties, Jack’s heart started to race in a completely new and addictive way. He didn’t expect himself to obey so readily when he was instructed by the men. Now an owned piece of merchandise, brought to events for the pleasure of his owner and to be shared with others at his owner commanded, he was mesmerized watching how the men found pleasure in his and the other boys' bodies.

Hearing another boy moan made Jack want that for himself as well. There was something fascinating about the idea of surrendering control of his mind and his tight body to these strong, masculine strangers that pushed him to the sharpest edge of pleasure without even touching himself. He found himself wanting to comply with their every whim, to serve at their pleasure. Jack knew he wanted to be a permanent fixture in this world where the commands of men made him want to obey without question, where his body would be at the beck and call of these handsome men and their desires.
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