Blake is a buyer’s dream! He has a sweet, boyish face, a strong gymnast's body, a nice cock, and a hole that can really take a beating. Nothing gets him worked up quite like feeling a good nipple twist or a smack to his nuts. He can take it! And were it not for his undying commitment to obey, he would ask for it again and again. The young bottom loves being a master’s plaything, happy to give up his entire body to the whims of an older, powerful owner. He’s not a passive bottom, one to just lie there to take it. His breathy moans and facial expressions make for a delightful response to any buyer, whether looking to see him smile from pleasure, or tense from pain...

Chapter 1 The Grooming The Boy Blake

Blake had impressed the Europeans when they came to visit. His hungry mouth and hole were talked over for hours after the young men were put back into... [read more]

Chapter 2 The Prize THE BOY BLAKE

I’m not usually boastful. I know I’m privileged in a lot of ways, but I’m not one to normally show off what I have. Except when it comes to my boys.... [read more]