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Master Marko, an enigmatic figure of extraordinary stature, commands attention with his imposing presence. Towering above most, he possesses a Herculean build, his broad shoulders and thick limbs exuding strength and resilience. His once fiery ginger beard now shimmers with the silver of age and experience.

Dressed in finely tailored suits, Master Marko seems to effortlessly blend the classic elegance of wealth with a rugged demeanor, an intriguing juxtaposition that keeps others guessing about his origins and intentions. His wide smile reveals a hint of warmth but also a commanding resolve, indicates the depth of his power and influence not easily rattled. His small, piercing squint is set within a weathered face, hinting at a life of hard work before he found his riches. They keenly observe the world around him, betraying little of his inner thoughts.

He carries an air of grizzled power that naturally draws people to him. He invokes both fear and respect both from his opponents in the Auction House, and from the boys he may or may not purchase for the evening. Perhaps most dangerously, he knows this.
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