At first glance, Master Cox seems unlikely to be the owner of young men. Everything about him reads mild mannered suburban dad with a minivan, white picket fence, and a family. But Master Cox is a testament to the secretive and powerful connections the buyers have. When Master Cox leaves his home and heads to auction, he strips away his responsibilities and focuses solely on his pleasure. He loves the rush of claiming a boy for his own and using him as he sees fit, not having to burden himself with thoughts of reciprocity or balance. He’s in control, he calls the shots, and he fucks and breeds as hard and as rough as he wants.

Chapter 4 The Prize BOY TOM

The Boy Tom has continually surprised us in The Buyer’s Group. After hearing how much Master Landon had enjoyed his body, I was eager to try him out... [read more]

Chapter 20 The Appraisal THE BOY AUSTIN

There comes a time when inspecting the boys that I can feel myself start to lose focus. Not from their beautiful bodies, of course. But from my task and... [read more]