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With his slim otter build, impeccable manners, and quiet personality, Master Barrett is a man who can easily be underestimated. That would be a mistake—he inhabits a sophisticated world where voices are never raised. Power is rarely openly displayed, and his doesn’t need to be: in the international market of art and antiques that he presides over, the name Barrett commands instant respect on several continents.

From rare porcelain, to Old Master paintings, to jewelry once owned by royalty, he buys and sells the best of the best, and only the best. His excellent taste is unerring and unquestioned. However, his hunger for exquisite beauty and uncompromising quality doesn’t stop with the world's finest objets d’art. He has an equally deep, and necessarily discrete, appreciation for the beauty of fit young men willing to submit to his desires.

When presented with an item of unparalleled excellence, Master Barret’s first inclination is to savor the sensual essence of it. His second is to own it. Having spent his entire adult life in the world's finest auction houses, those are his second nature. When Master Barett found the collective’s slave auction, he felt that he had come home. Buying and selling art is Master Barret’s vocation, but buying and selling submissive boys is his passion.
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