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Master Angus is broad, beefy man who cannot hide his power and dominance. He has a thick neck, barrel chest, and a dense salt and pepper beard.

His white shirt and tie make him look like a gentleman, but everything about his body makes it clear that he’s a beast. He projects alpha brute power, making betas quake under his gaze.

He’s in the market to find a boy he can not only dominate and control, but own and use to his pleasure and to let the beast truly come out.

Chapter 4 The Prize THE BOY JAY

Chapter 5 The Slave Boy THE BOY JAY

Chapter 10 Boy Slave Auction THE BOY AUSTIN

Chapter 11 The Prize THE BOY AUSTIN

Chapter 12 The Slave Boy THE BOY AUSTIN

Chapter 1 Group Auction Orgy THE BUYER'S GROUP

Chapter 5 Auction Party Favor THE BOY COLE