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Maxx felt that he lacked any kind of direction after high school. He was a mediocre student without much drive to shine, and he knew it. He was also quite shy. He'd been held back a year in high school and was older than his classmates. Strange as it might seem, having more body hair than the other boys in gym class made him even more self-conscious.

It didn't help that he had an overbearing disciplinarian of a father, an absent mother, and a household that couldn't scrape together enough cash to send him to college. Maxx was approached one day during his part-time job by a man who asked Maxx if he went to school in the area and if he had plans for college. The man's tone was calm and conversational, and Maxx felt compelled to respond with honest answers. He was enthralled by the man's tone and the strength in his handshake. This was a man he could admire, look up to, and obey. The man invited him to join the Buyer's Group, which was described to him as a private club with exclusive terms of entry.

If Maxx accepted, he would be groomed for a position in the organization, but the invitation would be extended only once. Now, on a cold, December night, Maxx finds himself responding to the invitation. Arriving on foot to an address printed on the back of a business card, Maxx has come looking for purpose and guidance at the direction of the Buyer’s Group.


Chapter 3 TurkeyDay Party Favor THE BUYER'S GROUP

Masters know their boys can be the greatest gifts of all. That's definitely the spirit at this intimate party, when the boy River lays on a kitchen island,... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY MAXX

Maxx made his way through the cold winter streets to the dark and deserted warehouse district and found himself at the address printed on the expensive... [read more]

Chapter 2 The Auction THE BOY MAXX

Maxx reminds me a lot of the boys I used to encounter in my days as a coach. Not the star athletes destined for greatness or scholarships, but rather the... [read more]

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