BUYERS' GROUP - Xmas Party Favor

Chapter 8: Xmas Party Favor

EVENT: Boy Slave Orgy

The Boy River was a delicious treat at a Thanksgiving auction for The Buyers Group. The holidays aren’t over, though, and the gentlemen have brought a few of the boys in their possession to a party, where they'll be passed around as favors.

As drinks are served, the Boy Max is ordered to join the masters on the couch, where they run their hands all over his smooth, firm body. Then the Boy Austin sits near Master Knox. “Go ahead and kiss him,” instructs Master Legrand, Austin's owner. Master Legrand then asks if the Boy River can sit on his lap. He tugs on his nipples as they kiss. “Do you like that?” Master Legrand asks with a smile. “Yes sir!” Boy River whimpers.

Soon the masters on the couch begin sucking on the boys’ dicks—or guiding their heads down to the crotches bulging in suit pants.

Master Savage has boys sucking on his dick while Master Legrand is jerking off Boy River, complimenting him on his perfect pink cockhead as the boy moans and humps the older man’s thigh.

The party becomes a sexual bacchanal as Master Felix watches, with masters ordering the boys to please one another for their enjoyment. Master Knox strokes two boys at once, while they gaze down at him in awe of the way he can work their dicks. But it’s Master Savage who first slides his thick dick into a boy’s hole when he positions Boy Jack on his lap.

The room is filled with the slurping sounds of blowjobs and the moans of boys in ecstasy. As they begin to lose themselves to the sensation, Boy Matthew is ordered to take his place behind Boy Jack, sliding his dick into Jack’s hole alongside Master Savage’s. Completely filled, Boy Jack’s eyes roll back in his head as he feels the two throbbing dicks stroking in and out of his hole in tandem.

As they obey commands like good slaves, the boys are reaching a fever pitch of excitement when Master Savage asks permission to take Boy Austin to a private room. Getting the okay from Master Legrand, Master Savage summons Boy Cole to join them, and the three leave the room to enjoy one another alone. With two fewer boys, the party begins to wind down, and the masters gaze over their property with satisfaction, sipping from their drinks and toasting the season.