BUYERS' GROUP - European Cabal

Chapter 2: European Cabal

EVENT: Boy Slave Orgy

The men of the secret auctions are careful about who they invite into their activities. Much attention is paid to process and decorum to ensure each man’s privacy and power; respecting the authority that ownership provided the winners. It was very rare for outsiders to be brought into this private club, but trade and international relations do play a key role in their success. Afterall, why limit oneself to only local merchandise when there is an entire world of beautiful boys to experience?

The powerful men have brought in some European friends to sample some of what they have enjoyed personally, hoping to establish a better connection to other markets and stretch their power even further. These gentlemen are given a full treatment of pleasures; including beautiful lodging, fine dining, elaborate gifts, and of course, the chance to taste some of the boys that the American masters have collected… In return, the Europeans have even brought their own merchandise for the Americans to enjoy!

As the masters retreat to their sitting room at the end of a long day of diplomacy and trade talks, a small group of purchased boys are brought out to serve. The bow-tied servants show off their training, pouring the men martinis and displaying discipline of character and behavior, while also enticing the men with their beautiful, unblemished bodies.

One by one, each man is served their tall drink, sipping the high-shelf spirits before getting a full inspection of their server. Each man pulls out their boy’s cock, feeling it in their hands as it grows, kissing them, caressing their buttocks, and tasting their precum as it pours from their slave cocks.

Each man has his own idea of what makes the perfect slave. They pass their submissives back and forth, comparing each one with delight, laughing with power as they are serviced and entertained by their young, exceptional bottoms.

As the evening continues, sexual energies peak, devolving the otherwise well-to-do gentleman and their well-trained slaves into a writhing, moaning, bestial display of carnal pleasures. Men devouring their bottom’s asses like juicy peaches as boys worship their master’s cocks with hunger, all leading up to a flesh feast of group fucking and breeding.

The masters move from one boy to the next, feeling their unsheathed cocks slide deep into their boys’ tight holes, celebrating their power and position while enjoying the company of their handsome, international colleagues. The boys do their duty to take all that their given, presenting their holes to whoever should deign to use them, knowing their role clearly and unquestionably. They must be on their best behavior and display total submission. After all, they are not just representing their owners when they are lent out and fucked; they are representing the integrity of their entire secret society...