BOY TOM - The Prize

Chapter 3: The Prize


I was impressed with Tom’s demeanor. He approached Master Myles and I with a great deal of eagerness and obedience. He seemed to want to be there just as much as myself and my friend. I was intrigued when Myles asked me to come see his “new acquisition,” assuming he had been referring to some antique he bought at auction. Imagine my surprise to find a much younger, much more appealing prize than some old relic...

Tom was smooth all over with a lean physique and puppy-like eyes. He even crawled up to Myles as if he was looking to receive some kind of treat. It seemed that for him, we were the treat!

I wasn’t sure how to respond or act at first. Tom wasn’t mine and I didn’t want to be rude in taking anything from my friend. Luckily, Master Myles seemed keen on having his property pay just as much attention to me as to him, directing him to take off my clothes and offer himself up to me.

Tom looked delighted as I touched him, feeling his smooth ass as I fingered his hole gently. All preconceived notions of individuality and independence were gone, and Tom was perfectly content to do as his master asked in pleasuring me.

I watched as Tom removed my cufflinks, handling them with care as he opened my shirt to reveal my chest. His hands ran over the masculine hair covering my broad muscles. I think he enjoyed playing with such a different sensation from his masters. Although he was beautifully mannered and did not indicate a preference or reluctance in one way or another. He embodied the spirit of “yes,” taking on all demands and requests.

I was so turned on by this dynamic, my mouth seemed to want to explore him just as much as my hands. I kissed up and down his back until I got to his ass. Pushing his cheeks apart, I planted my lips on his hole. It was soft and warm, seemingly enjoying the feeling of my scruffy beard rubbing against it. I trailed the sensation with my tongue, teasing his hole and feeling him react.

I wanted to bite into him, so pleased and aroused that I could have eaten him whole. But I had to remind myself that he wasn’t mine. He was the shared property of my friend...

As Master Myles took his turn on the boy’s hole, I watched as Tom sucked my cock. He took it into his throat and gagged on it, never once retreating or ceasing. He was determined to make me hard and wet. It was only a matter of time before I would get to take him!

But of course, I knew I wouldn’t without Master Myles’ permission. But with the look on his face, it was clear he wanted to show off just how lucky he was! He wanted me to fuck his boy as a way of showing off. As if to taunt me with his good fortune. And he could taunt all he wanted! I was still going to leave my seed in his boy...