BOY TOM - The Merchandise

Chapter 1: The Merchandise


Before I met Tom, he was a little bit of a wild child. Out every night, different bars, new clubs; always on the hunt for someone to take him and dominate him. I knew his type. I’d spent a lifetime cultivating them and curating them for my own purposes. But for a boy like Tom, no one-night stand was ever going to satisfy him! He’d be out every night looking for someone to make him theirs. And that’s where I came in...

I saw him eyeing me at the bar. Loud dance music was playing while a blur of fit men in tank tops moved around us. But I was focused on him just as much as he was on me. You could almost hear the desire when it’s that strong! There’s an almost whimpering sound that carries through any room. It calls out, begging, pleading to be used. I don’t always act, knowing how many times the siren’s song is false. But in Tom’s case, it was as clear as a bell!

I told him the deal. Come with me and have your life changed forever. It was a bold statement, but I could see that he was intrigued. It was a big moment when a young man gave up his autonomy to be part of something bigger. And he wasn’t flinching! With that, I took him back to the merchandise room to be evaluated.

I had to know what I was working with. He came to me willingly, to be sure, but I needed to assess his value. He scored major points for his eagerness and openness, but I saw his true potential as I began to strip him down...

He was timid when alone. He was sensitive and even seemed ticklish as I ran my hands over him. It was a normal reaction for a young man who sees his body as his own. I saw it as something to break down. Easy enough! I’d done it plenty of times. Once I had him down to his underwear, though, his demeanor changed in the most exciting way!

He looked up at me. His eyes were full of anxiety and fear, but also desperation. He had no idea what I was going to do to him, but his desire didn’t dare let him ask. I could tell that he loved being my personal toy. My plaything. My possession. He may have been afraid of what I would do, but I could tell he was also afraid that I would stop, and I knew he didn’t want that.

I took his genitals in my hands, feeling his nuts in my grip, tightening them as I watched him. He winced, barely squirming and keeping himself secure in my hand. He let out a moan, but it held that secret sound again. The sound that wanted more, not less. He was a beautiful, horny young man with a throbbing cock and the heart of a submissive. I knew he would do well at auction.

Once I got a look at his hole, even I couldn’t resist his value! The smooth, milky white cheeks created the perfect display for his tight sphincter. Not even shaved, his fine, blonde hair was as soft as silk. I ran my fingers over it, feeling its warmth as it pulsed. And as I did, he panted like a little puppy, letting out a beautiful, little moan. And as I slid a finger inside him, that moan called out to me...

“Master.” Oh, yes. He was sure to fetch a fine price!