BOY RIVER - Slave Boy

Chapter 5: Slave Boy


River is a sweet boy... His eyes look up at me with so much delight and desire! Were it not for the collar around his neck and the cage keeping him in place, he would seem like any other boy next door. I like that he’s mine and that I can use him as I see fit, but even with my rightful dominance, I can still see his own desires.

When I take him out of his slave cell, he springs up with enthusiasm, knowing that I’m about to put his holes to work. Normally I expect my slaves to be patient and follow my lead, but River is hungry for my touch and attention! Even when I instruct him to remove my clothes, his eagerness causes him to move faster than I’d like. Repeatedly, I have to tell him to go slower...

It’s not that I don’t appreciate his interest. Of course he’s interested. But it’s not about him. It’s about me! Respecting me. Honoring me. Worshipping me. Taking off my clothes should be a religious experience. A gift! Even as it’s an order, it’s my desire I want him focused on, not his own.

I can’t say that I blame him too much. I know who I am and the effect I have on others. I’m a tall, powerful, muscular man with a strong body and a big dick. Boys have been lusting after me most of my life.

But for River, I’m more than that. He’s my property. My purchase. My slave. And I don’t like when I see him acting for himself...

It’s alright, though. I can certainly train him harder and longer. Boys like him just need to be broken in. And luckily for me, that’s a process I enjoy thoroughly! I’ll make him submit to my cock, to my authority, and learn to worship me as the god that I am.

Fucking him won’t be gentle or soft, but it’ll be for his benefit. His tiny, smooth, youthful frame will have to withstand the force of my massive body and hard, penetrating fuck. I know he can handle it physically!

It will be his test to let his sense of self go and become a hole to fuck and breed. And then he’ll be ready. Then he’ll truly be my slave...