BOY RIVER - The Auction

Chapter 2: The Auction

AUCTION: Master Steele

I watched as Boy River was brought out onto the familiar stage. Countless boys have come through this room to be put up for auction… Many of whom I’ve bid on and won. Boy River was something unique, however. From the second he was put on display, I could tell he wanted to be there.

Most boys are a little unsure and hesitant at first. That’s usually part of the thrill… Bringing a boy to climax and seeing him appreciate his place as property. For Boy River, however, it was clear in his gaze that he wanted to be possessed. This was something he’d thought about for years — possibly his whole life!

I knew he wasn’t looking directly at me. How could he? There was no way he could single out one master from the rest… But the way his eyes looked into the dark crowd, I felt strangely hypnotized by him. It was as if had some kind of control over me… Some compelling draw that piqued my interest!

Seeing Master Steele work his nipples into a reddened, swollen state was exciting enough, but the boy’s hungry gaze never ceased. Even as Master Steele’s rough hands smacked his firm stomach and teased his loins, Boy River stayed focus on the crowd; never stirring more than to moan, as if saying to us all: “take me.”

My hand shot up as quickly as my concealed cock. I leaked into my pants as I watched him present his cute, furry hole. There was something wild about him, something that needed to be broken in, and the idea of bringing such a hungry boy to heel was worth any price!

When I won his auction, I saw his eyes meet mine for the first time. His piercing gaze was still there, only now it was focused on me… Only me. The room stilled and the watchful masters observed our interactions, but Boy River was keenly aware that his duty was to me. To obey me, to service me, and above all else, to worship me! I knew he wanted it. He needed it!

As I undressed, I handed him my clothes, ordering him to fold them neatly and put them away. His lost expression told me that he hadn’t even learned how to properly handle a superior’s clothing — something that would need to be taught later, but I didn’t mind… I liked the idea of molding him to my needs! For now, he needed to be bred; fucked and inseminated to satiate his hunger. I had to give him what his heart desired, but I also needed to cement my control over him.

When I fed him my substantial cock, the little boy seemed to be completely overwhelmed by my size of my manhood. As he took me into his mouth, beads of tears ran down his face as he struggled to take me into his mouth.

When he looked up and make eye contact with me, his eyes held a message, as if conveying every emotion and thought in his young mind. Even though his body struggled, his heart was desperate to continue! The thought made me even harder as I shoved my shaft deeper into his throat; watching him gag, but never retreat. If this was how he sucks cock, I thought to myself, I could only imagine how beautiful it would be to breed his tight hole…