BOY MAXX - Auction

Chapter 2: Auction


Maxx reminds me a lot of the boys I used to encounter in my days as a coach. Not the star athletes destined for greatness or scholarships, but rather the smaller boys who would exhaust themselves trying to even make the team at all. It’s not that he isn’t athletic and lean. But what makes him memorable is what he expresses with his eyes.

As soon as I saw him, I could sense his doubt. He wasn’t sure of himself or what he was capable of, terrified of disappointing me and being put back on the street where he came from. Sure, I have a reputation for bringing in only top quality talent, but Maxx has something those star athletes would never have.

When Master Legrand put him on the auction block, I could see him trembling, nervous and unsure of what to do. As the tall auctioneer showed off his smooth behind and large, veiny cock, he looked out at the crowd, looking for a sign of what was to come. His eyes were wide and scared, but he never lost his erection. Not once.

As Legrand twisted his nipples, his face contorted in the most delightful way. I imagined myself having the pleasure of teasing his sensitive chest, playing him like an instrument as his moans and breathing made sweet music. I could feel the rise in my pants getting more and more pronounced, making it all the more clear that I needed him for myself. Rarely do I bid on my own procurement, but I knew I had to have him.

Winning him outright, I felt more of a thrill than if I’d simply kept him for myself. I was a man of great importance, and I wanted the others to see me as such. Getting the ring of ownership and claiming him in front of my peers meant that Maxx wasn’t just some hot, dumb kid I picked up off the street to fuck and use. He was my property. My possession. And everyone knew it.

As was my right, I gave him a proper breaking in on the auction block. I put my hand on the back of his neck and brought him close to my mouth, kissing him and letting him taste me. My tongue massaged his, feeling it work deep where my cock had been before. I knew he was good at swallowing a man’s shaft, so I pulled mine out to get it wet and hard.

Nothing sets the mood like feeling a boy worship your cock, working it to the base and gagging on its length. It lets him know that I’m his master and makes me feel like a king. I didn’t need a blowjob, though. I’d already had that and was satisfied. With just enough saliva on the head of my penis to keep it slick, I turned him around and immediately slid into his tight hole.

I could tell it wasn’t easy for him. His face clenched, and he let out a pained whimper as I pushed in. Some boys are tighter than others, and, boy, was he tight. I pushed in harder, trying to get him to loosen up, but he seemed to clench down even more, gripping my cock like a warm, wet, velvet vice.

It didn’t take long for me to feel myself coming to climax. Maxx’s hole was practically milking me of my load, despite the physical signs of his reluctance. But when he looked back at me, I could see that look in his eyes. The one that makes him different. I could see he wanted to please and that he would push himself harder and sacrifice more than anyone else to make me happy.

With that, I felt my cock push out a rope of cum, spraying his insides as my nuts deflated. Maxx’s back arched, taking all of me in, as if he were trying to swallow my load with his hole. It was a thing of beauty, making me glad for every penny I had spent on his ass...