BOY MAXX - The Grooming

Chapter 1: The Grooming


Maxx made his way through the cold winter streets to the dark and deserted warehouse district and found himself at the address printed on the expensive business card the stranger had given him. He knew there was a level of risk to a clandestine, nighttime meeting such as this, but he had come seeking direction and purpose. He found his way through the dark building to a room lit by a solitary spotlight, in the center of which stood the impeccably dressed stranger who had found him the day before. He knew I would come! Maxx thought excitedly, enthralled by the man’s posture of confidence and expectation.

Now, kneeling on a black leather ottoman surrounded by darkness and with Master Figata’s hand lightly tracing his body through the fabric of his hooded sweater, Maxx thinks he has a hint of his purpose. His face is a mixture of innocent surprise and a plea for Master Figata to continue, even as the older man pinches hard on the boy’s nipples in complete silence. Maxx’s shirt and sweater are removed and his nipples grow hard from the master’s attention. Surprising him with sharp pinches and thumps to his chest followed by delicate caresses, Master Figata causes Maxx’s mind to bend in a way that only grooming can accomplish.

When Maxx attempts to assist the master with removing his jeans, his hands are pushed away, training the boy to comply with only what the master wishes. The denim comes down slowly, only a few inches, and Master Figata reaches into Maxx’s underwear causing the boy to moan. When instructed by the master to stand, Maxx complies quickly. When told to remove his pants and kneel again, the young man is already eager to obey. Even the simple act of oiling the boy’s lean body causes Maxx to whimper and his head to roll back. When his eyes open, he can’t take them from Master Figata’s.

Maxx’s body now seems to glow in the pool of light, and the lightest touch of Master Figata’s fingers is enough to manipulate the boy’s posture. Maxx lowers himself to all fours on the leather, and the master slides the boy’s underwear off. Maxx gasps as the master’s hands massage and spread his smooth ass cheeks, revealing his tight, virgin pucker. When he’s told to flip over, Maxx reveals a massive erection and stares past his groin at Master Figata, who slaps the boy’s ass and fingers his hole. The master reveals a smooth ribbed wand made of glass and pushes the widest end into Maxx’s virgin hole. The boy gasps loudly from the feeling of the cold implement, and his eyes scrunch tight, trying to comprehend his new place in the world.

Turning and tapping the wand between spanks, Master Figata says, “You like that boy?” Without hesitation, Maxx responds with a genuine, “Yes, Sir!” The master doesn’t discourage Maxx from stroking his big cock during the anal preparation, and soon, Maxx is spraying a massive load of hot cum all over his chest and face. Maxx looks up at Master Figata thankfully as the man feeds him the cum. “You’ll make a nice pet,” Master Figata says. All Maxx can do is smile.