BOY MARK - Slave Boy

Chapter 3: Slave Boy


I couldn’t be prouder of my nephew. He’s taken to being my property so beautifully. Even when I walk past his cage, going about my own business independently of him, he looks up at me with those deep, soulful eyes, loving me, worshipping me, and patiently waiting for his time to be of service.

Some might think it strange to keep him locked up, but it’s for his own good. It lets him remember what he is to me—no longer someone I’ve seen grow and mature, but rather my slave to use as I wish. Besides, from his hard, dripping cock, it seems like the anticipation and confinement really turns him on.

As much as it gives me a rush to see him in his tiny cage, eventually my own cock gets too hard to focus on anything else. It’s at those moments that he is both the cause and the cure for what distracts me.

Taking him out, he knows it’s as much a duty as it is a privilege. He crawls out on all fours like an obedient puppy, meeting me between my legs on the edge of the bed like he’s waiting for a treat. I hand him my clothes as I disrobe, watching him as his eyes are fixed up at me. I know he wants to look down at my crotch, to see my cock push up the dark fabric of my pants, but I’ve told him he’s always to make eye contact with me. At least, until I tell him otherwise.

As soon as I have my pants open and my underwear exposed, I bring his head down to get close to my arousal. His nostrils flare as they take in a deep sniff of my musk, letting my pheromones fill his head. I can see his eyes roll to the back of his head for a second, indulging in the familiar fragrance of my manhood. He’s in ecstasy. A personal heaven. All he’s ever wanted was to be between my legs. Now, as my property, he has no other place to be.

I stand up to give him a better look. My cock hangs between my thighs, concealed by my underwear but nonetheless massive. His breath and lips caress it through the soft cotton, making it practically impossible to contain. I can see him trembling, aching to see it.

Being so close and yet so far is the real prison for him. He wants nothing more than to be flesh to flesh with me. And the more I hold back, the more desperate he becomes. There’s nothing quite like seeing my nephew in heat, begging for my cock, aching to have his purpose fulfilled.

Before I release him (and my cock), I get him on his back, lifting his legs up toward his head to gaze at his perfect hole. God, it’s so sweet. Soft, smooth, and perfectly juicy. My tongue easily slides into his crack, perfectly presented in the black jockstrap he wears as his uniform. With each lap of my tongue, I can feel the warmth of his body and his craving to be fucked. He lets out soft, breathy moans, as if my tongue recalls the feeling of being taken each time.

I could take him right now. Just slide off my underwear and plunge my thick sword into him. But he needs more than just a quick fuck. He’s earned that. As much as I know he’s my slave and my property, he’s still my devoted nephew.

I pull off my underwear, giving him a view of my cock for the first time in a while. His eyes go wide, adoringly taking in the sight of each throbbing inch. He’s made me especially hard today. Like a good boy should. And he now has the reward of getting to worship what he loves most.

He waits patiently for me to tell him to suck it. His mouth waters and his neck trembles from restraint. So beautiful. Worth every penny. I give him the word and his mouth envelops my cock whole in an instant. It’s a warm, wet rush of pleasure that causes my nuts to jump. He lets out an exhale as he holds my cock in his mouth, letting the taste of it infuse his saliva and run to the back of his throat. He can’t get enough of the taste. Such a good boy.

He sucks my cock as I hold his head in place. He worships me. I’m his king. His god. And I can do whatever I want with him. I know I’ll fuck him good and hard. And it’ll hurt for a time. And he’ll take it. He’ll take it all. And my cum will flood his insides. But for now, he’s earned this much.