BOY MARK - The Auction

Chapter 1: The Auction


What are the chances? So many things had brought me to this moment to sit in this room, prepared to bid. I’ve always had a bit of dominant streak, but I didn’t like to show it off or boast. I prefer to be patient, bide my time, and get what I want when I know it’s exactly what I want.

Imagine my surprise, as I watched auction after auction, to see the one thing come out that I couldn’t live without: Mark... My nephew!

I had thought about Mark so many times. He had become so handsome and his body had developed beautifully. We even had a good rapport at family gatherings, but I always knew there was never a possibility of anything happening.

Year after year, even as he became more attractive and my desire grew, I knew I had to keep my thoughts and hands to myself. But now, I had an opportunity to seize what I always wanted! And what’s more, I knew no one would appreciate him like me...

Seeing him naked, presented for all to see, he was more perfect that I could have imagined! My hand stayed up high, making sure it was seen and my bid was taken. And when I won, I felt myself become almost dizzy with satisfaction.

As I made my approach, I could hardly take my eyes off of his body. It was so smooth that I was almost afraid to touch him. With a careful caress, my fingers ran over his arm, feeling the warmth of his flesh against mine. It was enough to bring my loins to full erection, yet I still had so much more to explore!

Bending him over and turning him around, I ran my fingers along his hole, feeling it’s opening catch onto my knuckles as they passed over. His hole was hungry. It wanted me! I could only hope as much as I wanted him...

“How does that feel?” I asked, breaking my silence and letting him hear my voice. I was amazed I could get the words out, but my dominant tone didn’t abandon me. As much as he was my nephew, he was now my property. And I couldn’t forget that. “It feels good,” he replied, letting out a breathy response as my fingers played with his sex.

“You address me as Sir,” I replied. I made my tone firm, but I tried not to leave the love I felt for him behind. I wanted to be his master, but I’d always be his uncle. And looking into his eyes, I could see he knew that.

“Yes... Sir.”