BOY MARCUS - The Auction

Chapter 2: The Auction

AUCTION: Master Savage

Marcus seemed like a dream come true when he came up for auction. A beautifully handsome, fit young man with a submissive spirit and physical durability. Watching as Felix pounded on his chest and toyed with his hole, my imagination went wild with all that I could do with such a strong and seemingly unbreakable body!

I love to push people... It’s what I do. I’ve always gotten under people’s skin, in their heads, in their hearts, and pushing them beyond what they think they’re capable of. Typically when I meet someone, I have to go slow, go easy, go at their pace. That’s fun and exciting, even important in a relationship. I always respect people’s limits, but sometimes... I want to go further. Harder. Deeper.

Marcus seemed like a chance to push myself. To see not just what a submissive is capable of, but what I’m capable of! What would I do given no limits, no safe words? My hand went up immediately, eager to claim him for myself... And when I was the winner, my cock stood straight up as well!

When I got him alone, I studied him carefully. He took direction well. Kneeling when I said. Removing my shoes. Kissing my cock. He kept his head down, averting his eyes, and only looking at me in the eye when I told him to. In his core, he wanted to serve me... To prove his worth and value. I could easily tell just how valuable he was.

Leaning back on my bed, he took off my pants and sucked my cock dutifully and expertly. He may have been bought and paid for, but he didn’t act like a whore. I liked that. He acted more like a hungry, eager boy, seeking the approval of a father figure... That definitely got me hard! I knew I wasn’t his father. I wasn’t even his lover. I was his owner and he had to do what I said.

He bobbed his head up and down, taking me in his mouth. He looked so handsome. I could tell he enjoyed it... But like I said, it’s in my nature to push.

I ordered him to go down further. He gagged up some saliva and I could see his eyes water. Normally I would go easy, but given the well-paid opportunity, I made him go deeper. All the way... And to his credit, he never relented! He stayed down on my cock as low and long as I wanted. Even when it strained him — even pained him — he was dedicated to my cock.

The true test, however, was not his mouth or his throat, but his hole. I was plenty lubed up from the boy’s persistent sucking and I wanted to give his ass a true test of its durability. I stayed on my back, cock up, and ordered Marcus to sit down on it.

Every inch of my cock slid inside him, without a pause or hesitation. The coach in me wanted to pat him on the back and say, “good job,” but the master in me wanted more.

I thrust my hips up into him. Hard and deep into his anal cavity, slamming the tip of my meat against his youthful prostate. The only reprieve from my aggressive fucking was gravity pulling my muscular body down onto the mattress, only to bounce back up into him just as hard.

He stroked himself, milking his beautiful, hard cock, bringing himself closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. I wanted him to enjoy it. As much as he was mine, I wanted him crave my cock, to crave that feeling, and to give everything of himself to me... And I could tell from the sounds he made that I was giving him pleasure.

This excited me even more! This beautifully handsome young man, wrapped tightly around my bare cock, was bringing himself to cum as I pulverized his insides with my cock. I was proud of him and proud of what he was enduring. As I inched myself closer to cumming, I was thinking of all the ways I could test him and push him further — a thought that brought me to the edge of cumming myself...