BOY LOGAN - The Auction

Chapter 5: The Auction


It’s not Logan’s fault. It’s mine. As a master, I know I can’t get too attached to my possessions. But sometimes when you see their eyes looking up at you as they worship your cock, you find it hard not to develop feelings. The boys are sweet, they have beautiful bodies, and they have submissive spirits that make them eager to please. And as surprised as I am, I can’t say I’m not pleased.

Logan’s devotion to me and my cock are what made him such an amazing slave. I was excited to see him every day and to feel his tight hole wrap around me. I became addicted to that feeling, wanting it more and more each time. I became lax in my training and even stopped policing the protocols I’d established. It’s not good for him or for me.

I knew that if I kept him on too much longer, I’d have a hard time ever letting him go. So before I got any more attached, I decided it was time to bring him back to the auction hall.

Once he was back on the block, I started to remember what it was that made me bid in the first place. Those eyes… those deep, soulful eyes. And that pouty, boyish mouth. He was a total dream. I knew as soon as I put him out that others would see what I see and want him for themselves.

As much it was a shame to see him go, I knew he was going to fetch me a high price. The return on investment would be worth the pain of losing him, and give me the chance to put my earnings toward a boy I could really use right.

Logan presented his body perfectly, showing off his tight hole and hungry mouth. He was nervous and anxious, but that only added to the charm. Some men love the idea of a virgin, and Logan had that in his spirit. Even as I fingered his throat, he gagged on me like it was his first time, even though I’d seen him take my massive cock plenty of times before.

I knew the best way to show him off was to let people see him in action, bucking on the edge of my shaft and moaning loudly into the room. His innocent face made the most beautiful sounds as he was filled deep. And the perversion of seeing someone so sweet be used so rough would send up boners as well as bids.

Turning him around, his tight little hole practically begged me to slide inside. My cock was throbbing and slick from his amazing oral skills, making it easy for me to push up against his sphincter. I could hear his breathing change as I entered him, his frame of mind shifting to focus on being an obedient hole to be used.

As my cock made its way into him, I could see him still worshipping me and loving me, taking me in like I was his god. In a way, I knew he would always think of me as his master, even as he went off to his next owner. And that thought alone made me nearly cum right then and there.

I gripped his hips, going in as deep as I could, feeling his ass stretch to take all of me. With each thrust, he let out another delicious moan, making me feel like I was in complete control of his body. It was as if I was fucking up into his throat and pushing out the sounds myself.

Every time his ass hit my body, I knew he was enduring as much as he could to please me. It was never easy, but he did what he was told, relaxing his hole to be used and bred. I held off as long as I could, watching his value rise, but it was only a matter of time before my load flooded his body, marking him as mine for the last time.