BOY LOGAN - The Prize

Chapter 3: The Prize

BUYER #1: Master Legrand

I knelt in the corner, watching him get comfortable and settled in his room. He was tall and handsome in his dark, slate gray suit. Powerful, commanding, and in control. But there was a kindness in his eyes whenever he looked at me. I didn’t expect that…

He moved about the room, setting aside his belongings while my gaze never turned away. I wasn’t sure what he wanted or needed. I didn’t know what to expect. Since I had been won in the auction, my new master hadn’t given me any rules or directions. He just led me by my collar, told me when to stay or follow, and occasionally ran his hand over my head, petting me like a pet, and smiling.

I suppose that’s how he saw me. More than just property, but as something to care for. Maybe even love? That became especially clear when he first fucked me.

He gestured for me to join him in his bed as he sat on the edge. I crawled over on hands and feet, never standing or rising above him as my training dictated. As I moved closer, a friendly smile came on his face, pleased with how I approached him.

He began to open his pants and my heart raced, curious to see what would become my new focus. Everything in my life was centered around his pleasure, and his cock would become a place of worship.

With his pants open, I could see his underwear, concealing his manhood. He leaned back, inviting me in. I positioned myself between his thighs, my face resting mere inches above his crotch. I could smell his genitals, warm, masculine, and musky. It was pleasant and intoxicating, like a pheromonal signature of dominance. It entered my lungs and spread throughout my body. I knew I should learn his scent. To bask in it… And be grateful for it!

As I saw his bulge rising, he removed his belt, folding it in his hand and dragging it along my bare backside. The cool, black leather felt nice on my skin, even as he gently teased it over my ass and whipped me softly. He was not punishing me — it seemed more like a to test me. I remained calm and still, focusing on his crotch.

My master leaned forward, grabbing my ass and running his long, strong fingers over my hole. It had not been touched since the auction. It was kept smooth and tight as I knew he’d want, but as I stared at the mound of manhood, I wanted to know what it would feel like inside me.

My curiosity increased when he stood up. At my eye level, I watched as his pants fell down to his ankles, giving me the first hint of just how big he really was. The massive package contained in his briefs seemed to want to break free, unduly bound up in cotton and elastic. His hard shaft stretched on the material, giving a clear impression of his long cock, lifted up by his heavy, low-hanging nuts.

He moved back on the bed, beckoning me to follow him. Like a pony following a carrot, I would have crossed the entire house to keep my face in his crotch! With his legs outstretched, I moved between them, pressing my face against the warm pouch.

My mouth ran over him, wanting to taste him. I moved his cock from left to right with my lips, feeling its girth and heft. My master looked down at me, amused with my devotion. He pulled down the waistband to show me just the top of his cock and his pubes. I pressed my face into them, feeling the heat of his body and the undiffused scent of his manhood. My lips ran over the base of his shaft, moist and hot as they made contact. Little by little, he moved his waistband down, giving me more and more of his meat to savor.

When I first put my tongue to his cock and his nuts, I felt a rush of purpose in my heart. This is where I was meant to be. Between his legs, his devoted possession, with my mouth full of his cock. I would do anything for him. Anything he asked… And I was grateful to be his!