BOY LOGAN - The Auction

Chapter 2: The Auction

AUCTION: Master Wolfgang

Logan has potential. He’s a little bit more raw than what would normally be put up for auction. He’s still very timid and nervous. He shakes when he’s touched and does not hide his anxiety well. This normally would make for an undisciplined slave--something that would need to be addressed before the point of sale. But there is something engaging--even alluring--about his untamed responses.

When he was being groomed, I found myself completely seduced by his sweet, innocent face, and his virginal demeanor. His involuntary whimpers at the shock and surprise every time his skin was caressed, his genitals examined, or his sensitive nipples pinched… it was an exquisite display of pure emotion. A display of change. Of transformation. From boy to submissive.

His eyes widen as he looks out to the crowd of powerful men, curious about who they are, where they’re from, how it is they came to be sitting where there are. He knows he’ll go with whomever wins the auction, but his expression belies a lingering sense of self. He hasn’t fully given himself over.. not in his heart. But he will. In the end, his future master will bring him to true submission. Freeing him of his burdensome autonomy.

Some men enjoy the work of breaking in a new toy. They get a thrill out of being the ones to mold and shape the mind and spirit of a slave. Others prefer one ready made, already put through the standard paces, wanting to simply be obeyed and not bother to teach in the ways of obedience. Fortunately, our stock is full and varied. And Logan is a shining example of a diamond in the rough.

As I present him to the crowd, he follows my commands well. He displays his hole and cock well enough, giving patrons a glimpse of what they’ll have the opportunity to breed and train.

His smooth ass glistens as lube is spread over his hole and massaged into his skin. He’s so supple he almost seems like a glazed piece of meat ready to be devoured. And for many in the crowd, this will become a meal they will enjoy feasting upon.

I bring his legs up, presenting his ass up as he keeps himself on his back. A well lubed toy is inserted into his tight hole, showing off the ease with which he can be penetrated. His deep moans echo into the room, lost in the sounds of excited murmurs and whispers of those bidding. The buzz builds as the toy is pushed in deeper, showing his natural talents and the possibility of what could be.

The young man’s smooth, toned body is a testament to his good breeding. He was clearly brought into this world for great things. To be strong and worked and proven. And now, in this private space, he will become the ultimate prize to a worthy bidder...