BOY JAY - The Prize

Chapter 5: The Prize


I was surprised by just how small Jay was when I finally got him alone. His slight build, narrow waist, and lean limbs served only to exaggerate his short height. It seemed like he could have been knocked over by a stiff wind! As he crawled toward me, I wondered what his life was like before he became a willing piece of property. Seeing his shoulders move like that of a hungry cat, it seemed like he felt lucky to be taken care of by a powerful and capable man like myself. And of course, being a big, strong guy like me, the boy’s submission and obedience would never be in question...

I ordered him to remove my clothes, watching as his slender fingers reached toward my zipper. His hands pulled down my pants, taking them down past my thick, muscular thighs. One of my legs had about as much mass as his entire body! It made me feel powerful. Superior. I felt like a god beside him, and he was my adoring worshipper. It made my cock instantly rise, which he was quick to service.

Feeling my thick cock in his mouth, I sensed his desire to be of use. He wanted to be needed, to be owned, and to make his master feel good. My nipples hardened on my broad, furry chest, aroused at the headspace he was in. He was unlike any other submissive I’d had before in the world outside. For him, this was existential. It was part of his DNA to be on his knees. And it was heaven to feel my cock fill his soul!

Laying him on his back, I bent his head over the side of the bed, watching as my meat moved further to the back of his throat. His eyes looked up, seeing nothing but my hairy nuts straddling over him. As I fucked his face, I could feel the vibrations of his moans stimulating my prostate. I needed to fuck him! And with the difference in size, it was no doubt it was bound to shake him to his core.

As I laid him on his back and lifted his legs, I could see his hard, uncut cock between his legs. It was impressive for such a little guy, rising up into his stomach as he twisted himself into a knot. He presented his ass up to me, giving me carte blanche access to use him as I saw fit.

With a single string of spit dripped from my mouth, I slid my daddy dick into him hard, watching his face wince as he yielded to my demands. I could tell it hurt a little. That was a good thing! It would serve as a reminder who calls the shots here. A feeling that would stay with him long after I filled his hole with my seed...