BOY JAY - The Auction

Chapter 2: The Auction

Jay was timid at first… They usually are. It can be intimidating to be in the presence of men such as ourselves — powerful men! The leaders and deciders. Experienced men who know what they want and how to get it. For a boy like Jay, this can be a lot to take on, but as our property and merchandise, it’s expected that he will fulfil his purpose.

As he was presented, I recognized the look on his face that drew him in to be groomed. His nervousness and anxiety was not nearly as strong as his desire to be possessed. He wanted nothing more than to be the prized object of a powerful man. To be displayed and coveted. And now, he was getting his wish!

I couldn’t resist taking him on for myself. Testing his skills and hunger. seeing if he could live up to the hopes I’d had for him when I found him. The moment we were alone, I could finally see him fully accept his role and position. He seemed more sure of himself, stripped away of both his clothes and his insecurity. Being a submissive and a slave was what he needed… He felt complete having his autonomy taken away. He no longer had to fight to make it work. He could just be who he was meant to be.

The real joy came when he pulled out my cock for the first time. Kneeling before me and removing my clothes, he gazed upon my massive cock, seeing what his sacrifice and submission had earned him. He stretched his mouth open as wide as he could, taking me in as deep as his jaw would allow.

I could see him struggle, unable to receive all that I had to give. It’s not a new experience to see a boy having a hard time sucking my cock, but what I loved most about this moment was his unwavering commitment to try and make it happen. He knew his job was to make me happy. To please me and satisfy me. And he would not stop until I told him to do so…

Seeing him on the end of my cock was a thing of beauty. And made me feel like the man I’m meant to be. Powerful!

I laid him on his stomach, eager to see his tight hole presented for me. He was so lean, my cock seemed wider than one of his entire thighs. I carefully guided my wet cock between his cheeks, pushing slowly and steadily inward. The pressure from my manhood could only be seen as a small assault on his hole, building in intensity on his soft, delicate sex. I went slow, easing my way until I felt his body succumb to my size and take me in completely.

My god, he was tight! The narrow crevasse of his sphincter wrapped around my shaft like a rubber band. I held it in place, feeling it stretch and relax around me, accepting me and my presence. It was clear that he understood my authority and claim over him in both mind and spirit. Now it was time for the muscles to fall in line…

Once I was in, I pushed myself as deep as I could, feeling his insides shift to my will. All the while, he gripped onto the sheets of the bed, bearing through the intense penetration. It’s not easy for boys to be fucked by me, and I wasn’t going to try to make it easy for him. I could feel deep inside his body that this was what he wanted, this was what he needed. To be opened up, bred, claimed, and possessed!