BOY JACK - The Grooming

Chapter 1: The Grooming


Sometimes, Jack’s daredevilry can get him in hot water. He’s seen the signs posted around the concrete courtyard of the high rise a hundred times. “No loitering. No skateboarding.” Blah, blah, blah. If they didn’t want people skating here, they shouldn’t have made it so inviting. Jack grinds his board to the end of a handrail and notices a burly guy in a suit watching him with hands in his pockets.

Feeling bold from the pumping adrenaline, Jack approaches the figure and says, “See something you like, old man?” Jack’s bold provocation is purely bluster and such talk is far more effective when his friends are around. Before Jack is within arms reach, suited security guards seem to manifest out of the casual passersby and flank the man. The man raises a hand dismissively and the guards withdraw. The man beckons Jack forward, a gentle smile on his face.

“You have skill,” the man says in a thick, German accent. “I’ve seen you here before.” Jack looks the man up and down; expensive leather shoes, the sheen of silk in his suit, thick chains nestled in his chest hair; and… is that a key hanging from one of the chains? Not a regular door key, but an ornate looking thing, strung on the chain as if for safe keeping. As strange as that is, the man is exactly the type Jack fantasizes about propositioning him from an expensive car. Jack’s throat is bone dry and he’s suddenly keenly aware of his virginity.

The man simply smiles and lays a hand on Jack’s shoulder before stepping around behind him slowly. The grip is strong but gentle, and causes Jack’s heart to race. He feels like the man has every inch of him cataloged; height, weight, shoe size… The man leans down to whisper in Jack’s ear, “You see... I own this building and everything in it.” Jack’s eyes are drawn up to the vanishing point at the top of the glittering edifice of glass and steel, causing him to lean back against the man. “I’d be well within my rights to have you escorted from the premises to the nearest police station, but…,” the man continues his circuit until they are standing face to face again, “I know potential when I see it. You look like an intelligent boy.” Like magic, the man produces a business card between two thick fingers and holds it out to Jack with that steady, subtle smile. Jack takes the card slowly, and the moment he does, the man gestures away from the building saying, “Off you go.”

Jack’s head is still spinning. When he’d regained his faculties and looked at the card, all that he saw printed on it was an address over an embossed symbol of two crossed keys. Jack arrives at the address this same night. He is patted down by security and led to a dark room with a single beam of light illuminating a black, leather ottoman. Beside the ottoman is the man he had confronted downtown.

Master Kamp knew the boy would come. He only ever initiates the ones who will come. This boy was practically begging for discipline and structure. Master Kamp can sense it. He tells Jack to kneel on the ottoman and then pulls the boy’s shirt off over his head. Jack’s lean frame shows every muscle and his nipples harden in the cold air. Master Kamp drops a bulb-shaped glass rod on the leather next to young Jack.

Master Kamp steps behind Jack, reminiscent of their recent public encounter, but Jack is feeling far more exposed. The man’s hands encircle the boy, rubbing his body front and back with warm palms that are big enough that one could cover his entire chest. Jack can’t take his eyes off the master. He watches every movement of the man’s hands and looks back into his eyes and at his lips. Jack gasps as Master Kamp pinches his nipples and pats his flat stomach with a broad palm. The man’s hand slides lower, slowly engulfing the bulge of Jack’s package through his pants. Jack nearly falls back against the man from the unexpected warmth on his groin.

“Stand up and take your pants off,” Master Kamp says, and Jack complies. He’s never been so eager to do as he’s told. Master Kamp caresses Jack’s abs and groin and turns him around to lower the waistband of his briefs. He squeezes the boy’s smooth ass cheeks and gives them a smack causing Jack to gasp, but the boy leans into it, even arching his back to pop his butt out for more. When Jack sees the man bring his fingers to his mouth, his breath catches. He thinks he knows what’s coming when the man reaches back to his ass, but nothing could have prepared him for the sensation of a thick, wet finger trailing across the sensitive skin of his virgin hole. Jack moans and shivers as the opening is tested by Master Kamp’s touch.

Master Kamp turns him back to the ottoman and pulls the boy’s body back against his. Jack’s head falls back against the man’s shoulder, his senses on fire. Every touch on his nipples causes a wave of pleasure to roll over him. He can smell the man’s light cologne mixed with the day’s sweat, and the man’s breath teases Jack’s lips. Their mouths are only an inch from one another. Jack hopes desperately that the man might kiss him with that bearded mouth, but his body is electrified as one hand slides into the pouch of his briefs to encompass his cock and balls with a gentle squeeze.

Jack’s legs are weak, and Master Kamp has him return to the ottoman. On his knees and elbows, Jack looks back to see the man’s hands on his ass. Master Kamp squeezes each cheek and then slides a wet thumb into the boy’s hole, causing Jack to moan. Jack feels the man grind his pelvis against Jack’s ass, simulating something Jack has only ever seen in porn and has yet to experience himself. The idea of being penetrated by the big man makes him collapse with his chest to the leather in surrender. Laying now with his head near the large glass rod and Master Kamp’s big finger probing his hole, he’s pretty sure he knows what the tool is for.

Master Kamp raises Jack’s head and presses the boy’s moaning mouth into his bulging groin. Until then, Jack has been too nervous to get hard, but with his face in the musk of the man’s crotch, he gets stiff in no time. Maser Kamp straightens the boy so his erection stands straight out and grips around the base of the boy’s cock and balls with one meaty hand while pinching Jack’s nipple with the other. He instructs the boy to lay on his back, and Jack’s skin prickles with goosebumps against the cold leather. Lifting Jack's legs, Master Kamp is able to see the boy’s entire body at once. He reaches for the glass wand and thumps it up and down Jack’s taint causing the boy’s balls to bounce and his moaning to increase.

The older man presses the smaller end of the wand against Jack’s hole, slowly and patiently. The boy’s hole gives way suddenly, snapping over the tiny glass sphere and making Jack groan in ecstasy. Turning the rod around to the wider bulb, Master Kamp waits for the boy’s hole to accommodate the width. Slowly, the rod sinks in and once it passes the widest point, Jack’s hole seems to suck the slick toy inside. Jack has fingered himself before, but this is different. It’s cold at first but as it warms it seems to expand, making his hole feel hot and full. Even as he’s focusing on the new sensation, Master Kamp’s hands stroke the boy’s taint and balls with oil while the rod protrudes from the grip of Jack’s little sphincter. He runs his slick hands over the boy’s stomach and chest, distracting young Jack while his hole becomes accustomed to the size of the toy. Then he grips the end and starts to turn it, using Jack’s hole like a fulcrum so the rod brushes against the boy’s prostate on each rotation. He taps and bounces it, eliciting different exclamations of pleasure from young Jack. The boy relaxes perfectly, allowing Master Kamp to push it in and out, the glass rod popping audibly from the attention of Jack’s wet hole.

Master Kamp has Jack return to a kneeling position and allows him to stroke his cock while the master presses into his hole with his fingers from behind and puts pressure on his taint from the front. The master teases Jack's nipples and strokes his inner thigh, encouraging him to cum with their lips almost touching. With his head back against the large man’s shoulder, Jack can’t look away. His breath is erratic, his stroking frantic, and his muscles hard and glistening from oil and sweat. Jack buckles forward as he tenses with pre-orgasmic spasms. He moans from the compounded pleasures and shoots his cum across the leather ottoman while Master Kamp chuckles approvingly. When the master grips his cock and continues stroking it, Jack realizes he is about to cum again! The master presses Jack's taint, allowing Jack to resume stroking and the boy shoots a second load across the leather!

“You’re going to be a good pet,” Master Kamp says. “I hope so,” Jack says, sounding for all the world like a reformed and respectful young man.