BOY ELI - The Prize

Chapter 3: The Prize


The moment I felt my dick slide inside Eli’s body, I knew I had to have him. It’s part of the job to evaluate and assess the worth of the boys that come through, but occasionally some strike me as truly exceptional. And while I could easily undervalue the ones I find most appealing, I’m nothing if not ethical. Well, mostly...

Eli is the type of slave in whom no amount of price fixing would matter. As soon as he was placed on the auction block, it was an absolute frenzy as to who would claim him. My load was still fresh in his hole from his appraisal and I knew I couldn’t let him slip through my fingers. I placed my hand high to make sure I was the winner and could claim him for myself.

My heart raced when I was alone with him for the first time. His beautiful face and lean body were practically sculpted by a higher power. He was no accident of simple breeding. He was created. Created to be owned and possessed. And here I was, sitting on a bed with him kneeling before me, waiting to serve me however I desired.

I started slow, not wanting to rush the moment. I ordered him to take off my shoes and socks; he kissed my feet and inhaled the blend of rich leather and musk. It’s a primal thing to see a boy take in my scent, marking them from the inside and letting them know me by my natural fragrance. I could tell they had a pheromonal effect on him. His eyes lit up and a smile crossed his flawless face. Good. He understood the importance of an olfactory bond.

I stood up to let him undress me. I workout hard in the gym which causes my suits to get tight around the shoulders, yet he carefully removed the jacket and placed it to the side, respecting me by respecting my clothing. His immediate submission and obedience was enough to shoot a rush of energy to my cock, compelling me to find a suitable place for it.

“Take it out,” I ordered. I watched him drop to his knees like he was born to be down there. And within seconds, he had my thick, throbbing manhood between his soft, pillowy lips. Something about seeing someone so young and beautiful worship my cock is unlike anything else. And knowing that he was just as much mine as my suit made me even harder.

He looked up at me with pure joy. He was as much in heaven as I was. Seeing his master, his god, his owner in total control. I like to think I’m not too bad on the eyes myself, and judging by the bulge in his black jock, he was plenty turned on.

Eli was so good at sucking my knob, I felt like I could burst a load right into his mouth without even giving a warning. The thought of my cum pouring down his throat into his stomach was certainly appealing, but I knew well just how beautiful his hole was. I needed to get back inside.

Eli got up on the bed and presented himself to me, giving me a view of his hole that was certainly worth every penny I spent. I buried my face in it, licking it and kissing it, practically ready to eat it. His pink pucker tasted so fresh and sweet, it was practically candy.

I lapped at him, feeling his hole tighten and relax as my beard and tongue grazed its insides. He trembled, both from pleasure and fear, but I knew he would love every second of my fucking. After all, I was his master and that’s what he was bought for.

I put him on his back, watching as he lifted his legs up readying himself for my shaft. He was nervous, but I tried my best to calm him. I may be his owner, but I’m not a monster. I tried to measure my eagerness to his readiness, but I may have gotten a little ahead of myself. As I slid my meat into his hole, he gave me a concerned look, surprised by the speed and depth I was able to reach in a single thrust.

I paused. I didn’t want to hurt him, so I waited for his face to let me know I was good to proceed. Fuck, he felt good! As I could see his worry turn to craving, his eyes begged me to keep going. How could I resist him?

I picked up the pace and, within moments, I was jackhammering his guts like he was nothing more than a toy. Of course I would be careful with him. After all, he was my prize. And I wouldn’t do anything to break what’s mine...