BOY COLE - Slave Boy

Chapter 9: Slave Boy


After the auction, Master Adams has claimed his slave, Cole, and he is eager to see what the boy can do. In one of the private rooms provided by the Buyer's Group, the tall, lean man removes his Italian leather shoes and beckons Cole forward to retrieve them.

It’s all Cole can do not to smell the warm leather, since he knows it will deliver the scent of his handsome new master, but like a good boy, he stays focused on his duty. After putting the shoes aside, Cole instinctively knows what to do next, proof of his excellent training. He removes the man’s blazer, folding it and gently placing it out of the way. As he lowers Master Adams’ pants, he notices the long erection snaking down one leg of the man’s underwear.

That makes him break with protocol: Even though he's supposed to be undressing his master, he needs the smell of a real man in his nostrils. He drops to his knees to kiss and tease the large member through the fabric. Master Adams is pleasantly surprised by the boy's initiative, and when he feels his slave's hot breath on his cock, he exhales sharply.

Back on task, Cole returns to the buttons of his master’s shirt and slides it off. Master Adams sits back on the bed, still bulging in his briefs. In a thick southern accent, he says, “Take off my underwear,” and Cole complies, aroused by the direct command. The moment Master Adams’ missile-shaped cock springs free, Cole’s jaw drops. It’s thickest in the middle and covered in bulging veins. Practically hypnotized, he starts stroking it while sucking on his master’s balls. When he finally gets his mouth on the big dick, he puts his training to the test by swallowing the monster whole. The curve of his master’s cock is perfect for deepthroating, and Cole locks eyes with Master Adams as he tastes him.

By the time Master Adams tugs off the tiny jock that Cole is wearing, the boy is so turned on that he leaks precum all over the bed while his master fingers his hole. Cole wants to give his master his money’s worth, so he climbs onto Master Adams' cock in reverse cowboy. He rides the man deep and hard, with his own large cock slapping loudly against his stomach. The angle of the man’s curve is perfect for punching a boy’s prostate, and the pounding his master gives him makes Cole fling precum across the bed.

Soon, Master Adams mounts Cole doggy style, pounding the boy with all the force in his lean, hard body. Cole is so overcome by his master's power that his chest collapses against the bed and his hands go white-knuckled as they grip the blankets.

When he sees how well Cole can handle his enormous cock, Master Adams decides to go even deeper. He flips the boy into missionary position, and Cole is grateful because that means he can stare into his master's handsome face while he's getting fucked. When Master Adams says he’s about to cum, Cole is overcome by the desire to be fully owned. He breathes out a quiet “fuck yeah" as his master thrusts harder and harder, finally emptying his load inside the boy's hole. Cole is high with pleasure when the man pulls out of him, and as Master Adams watches a river of cum flowing out of the boy's ass, he knows he has spent his money on a perfect piece of property.