BOY COLE - The Prize

Chapter 7: The Prize


Cole entered the room so quietly, I would not have noticed him if I hadn’t been facing the door. He seemed to make as much effort as possible to not disturb me. It was clear that a previous owner liked having him off to the side so he didn’t become a distraction when not in use. It made sense, but it was hard to imagine not wanting to take full advantage of such a beautiful young man...

Cole’s tall, lean body, delicate chest hair, smooth face, and soulful eyes were truly exceptional! He could have been a beautiful piece of art if he wasn’t already a service oriented slave. I found myself gazing upon him for a long time before finally instructing him to assist me in undressing. And even as he loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling him all over, eager to enjoy my prize!

Once I was undressed, I felt strong next to the young man. My smooth, prominent muscles were on clear display, giving Cole an eyeful of my own power and masculinity. He didn’t need a reminder of who was in charge, but it gave me an extra thrill for him to see me like this. I could tell he was turned on by it, making him even more eager to please.

Cole’s cock rose in his black jockstrap, begging to be pulled out. I took it in my hand, clenching and groping it, without any hesitation. After all, it was more mine than it was his. I could do anything I wanted with it!

As impressive as it was, it was really my cock that I wanted Cole to worship. Lying back on the bed, I sank into the expensive pillows and sheets, spreading out as I claimed it all for myself. As I did, Cole crawled beneath my legs, taking my manhood into his pretty mouth, sucking on it and tasting it, becoming more acquainted with my flavor and feel.

It was important that he learn me as his new master. My scent, my taste, the way his mouth would have to widen to take my substantial girth, as well as the way my balls feel in his hand as he cups them. I’m his world; his owner, his everything!

And nothing trains a boy better than being bred, of course! Cole’s sweet, soft cheeks were the perfect casing for my massive cock. And once I slid my bare cock inside him, he learned quickly who I am and what he is...