BOY COLE - Slave Boy

Chapter 4: Slave Boy

BUYER #1: Master Oaks

There’s something special in caging up a young man. Not just having him in restraints or in chastity or anything like that. It’s about actually seeing him that tiny cell like a pet. It sends a message. “You’re my property. You stay put until I need you. When I don’t, you’re set aside.”

I’m not cruel or mean. I wouldn’t keep Cole locked up longer than I had to; but it does give me a thrill to see him in there, playing with his cock, watching me, and eagerly waiting for me to let him out. He knows why he’s in there and why I would let him out. Knowing that he’s just sitting, waiting, thinking of a time when he’s servicing me… There’s nothing better!

Eventually, my needs become more powerful than my fantasy. I need to cum and Cole’s job is to make that happen. As I fidget with the keys in my pocket, Cole can hear the small sound of metal clanking. In a Pavlovian response, I swear I can see his mouth begin to water with anticipation.

As soon as he’s out of the cage, I sit on the bed for him to perform his usual ritual. He kneels down, looks me in the eye, and waits for my command. He’s used to taking off my shoes, knowing now the intricacy of the laces and how to remove them with speed and efficiency. Same with my belt and pants... Smooth and swift. After all, he’s been trained on this routine. Time and again he has undressed me, tending to my needs as he prepares me to be serviced by him.

One of my favorite things is when he rests his face on my crotch. Still in my underwear, I make him wait for further instructions with his nose up in my underwear, inhaling the scent of my manhood. It’s like I’m marking him inside and out. He’s masked in my natural fragrance while his lungs fill with my pheromones. I can tell it drives him wild huffing me in this way, and I want him hungry for what I’m about to give him.

His hot breath excites my dick, making it hard and ready for sucking. I pull down my pants and give him a view of my cock, rock hard and throbbing. He’s quick to fill his mouth with it, swallowing to the hilt almost instantly. Cole’s an amazing cock sucker with practically no gag reflex, perfectly suited for taking me the way I like. I can feel my inches penetrate past his tongue, sliding into his throat as he worships my cock.

This is what it’s about. Being a master. Feeling like a king. Having your piece held in place so beautifully by a young man’s wet, warm mouth. Cole can’t get enough of it either. He looks at me with his sultry eyes, signalling that he’s always ready for more. He would never say it — after all, it’s not his place. But deep down, this boy wants to be owned and used, and I’m more than happy to push his buttons.

With his mouth open and waiting, I thrust my hips back and forth, fucking his face as he manages to take me completely. He adapts to my moves, taking me as easily as if I was fucking his ass. And as much as I would love to shoot my load in his throat without any warning, Cole’s actual ass is why I bought him in the first place.

I move behind him, looking at his milky white cheeks sitting full and round above his tight, pink pucker. There’s a reason why he came so expensive. A boy like this is truly one in a million. A perfect specimen of submission and substance. As I slip my wet cock in his bare hole, I think to myself, “He’s all mine.”