BOY COLE - The Prize

Chapter 3: The Prize

BUYER #1: Master Oaks

I kept my eyes focused on Cole as he unlaced my shoes. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking for any signs of resistance or inconvenience, but he kept his eyes down. He looked intently at my dress shoes, handling them carefully as he carried out my order to have them removed. He did exactly as I said, without even a hint of struggle…

I knew this wasn’t a large task for a slave, but it was these small, simple orders that proved one’s dominance over another. He took off my socks and belt with the same readiness. These were all things I could do myself. Things I normally do myself… But now, with Cole here, I could sit back and have even these small things done for me. How great is that?

As he stripped me down, I became incredibly and uncontrollably aroused. I had Cole run his mouth over my cock, without any warm up or petition. He just did as I said, through and through. He kissed my crotch, inhaling its musk and kissing my bulge as I became even harder. When I told him to suck it, he gently pulled it out of my underwear and slowly took it deep into his mouth.

Fuck! There’s nothing like getting your dick sucked while you sit back like a king. He worshipped my manhood with unquestioned devotion and commitment, knowing that his only purpose in that moment was to serve me. The idea alone was enough to get me hard, but it was especially sweet to have such a handsome, fit, perfect young man between my legs as my possession!

As I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure, I thought about all the fun, perverse, creative ways I could use him. All the ways I could prove my dominance and feel the rush of having someone eager to lower themselves for me. Not just eager, but bound…

I gave him subtle suggestions of how to suck me off, exactly how I liked it. He took my direction quickly and expertly, improving with each bob of his head and lick of his tongue. I could have cum right there into his mouth. I could have done it without even warning him it was going to happen! But I held back, knowing my load was not going to be wasted getting swallowed down.

I ordered him to sit on my wet cock, watching as Cole jumped up quickly to bring his hole to the tip. It was a quick, smooth motion that brought my cock inside him, pushing between this tight, smooth cheeks. He had incredible control of himself to be able to relax his sphincter so that I could penetrate him without much resistance… And once I was inside, he held onto me like a vice, keeping my cock locked in his body. How could it be any more perfect?

I pumped my meat deep into him, feeling the sensation of his flesh rubbing against mine. I felt my balls fill with seed, tightening as I ramped closer and closer toward cumming. It felt so good fucking my beautiful boy slave, I held out as long as I could… And even then, I knew it didn’t matter too much. If I shot my load, I could get back in there whenever I wanted. I was in charge, I was the master!