BOY COLE - Auction

Chapter 11: Auction


I don’t really pick favorites. The boys are all unique and desirable in their own ways, and I don’t want to put any before the others. After all, when it comes time to sell, it’s not really about what I like. As the saying goes, “the market will decide.”

But for the boys who come up for auction again and again, I can’t help but notice them in new and interesting ways.

Take Cole, for instance. He’s an exceptional young man with a solid body; beautiful, expressive face; massive cock; and an ass that never quits. It’s no wonder he gets passed around the masters, each of them wanting a chance to own such a perfect specimen and have their way with him. Were it not for his incredible profitability, I imagine many would be happy to keep him for life.

Personally, I love when he’s back in my hands again. On the auction block, I get the thrill of showing him off to the prospective buyers, but I also get to indulge myself and sample his wares free of charge. I would happily pay a pretty penny for the right to call him my own, but there’s something extra exciting about working him over and playing with him in front of the hungry, eager daddies fighting for him.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Cole is his submissive spirit. Everytime he kneels on the black leather display, he knows he’s there to serve a purpose. Not for himself, but for the man who owns him and the masters who covet him. He’s there to be a prize, an object. He’s there to present himself and show what he can do, no matter how intense or exposing it may be. He has no shame or doubt. Any why should he? He’s been freed of his individuality and autonomy. He never has to be embarrassed. After all, he’s just a possession.

When I work his body, testing the limits of his nipples and his cock, twisting them, smacking them, and making them hurt, he never pulls back. His stomach tenses, and he makes sounds of pain, but he doesn’t run away. He knows not to, but he also knows he can’t. If he’s going to make his masters happy, he must take it without objection. Even beg for it when he knows that’s what his owner wants.

Luckily, Cole is so well trained that his cock grows hard even when he’s smacked around a little. The humiliation and objectication is wired into his slave brain, making him horny for the torture of his cock and balls. And while there’s something exquisite about flicking his heavy balls and massive cock, his hole is what really gets me going.

Putting him on his back with his legs stretched over, I present his hole to the group, letting them see the perfect, tight, smooth, pink pucker between his round, milky cheeks. The boy is perfectly fit with long, strong legs, making him the perfect fuckable jock bottom. But what people don’t realize is just how much he can take.

Lubing up my fingers, I start by penetrating with just a single digit. My index finger slides inside him, moving around his warm, velvety insides and getting his hard cock even more aroused.

As he gets accustomed to my knuckles, I slip in another finger. The two work in tandem to stretch him out, making him moan in ecstasy. The firm hole grips tightly, allowing me to feel the increasing rate of his pulse as I play around.

Cole is a hungry boy, loving the deep penetration and the public display of his receptivity. I can see in his eyes that he wants more, but like a good slave, he would never ask for it. He just waits, patiently and respectfully, allowing me to decide how he will be filled. It took everything in my power not to pull out my cock and fuck him right there, but even with my authority, I’m not a bidder.

Seeing Cole’s desperation, I lubed up my fingers some more, feeling my power flood my imagination. I took my hand and played around his reddened hole, considering my next move carefully. I didn’t know if I should, but I thought the audience would enjoy a good show. Bringing my four fingers together, I pushed them hard against Cole’s anus, watching as they slowly moved inside, getting sucked up by the slave’s beautiful, hungry hole...