BOY AUSTIN - Captivity

Chapter 8: Captivity

BUYER #2: Master Myles

Austin has been trained well. When we walk, he follows behind me, never in front, always just a pace away. With just a move of my hand, I can reach out and touch him. I don’t even need to speak above a firm whisper for him to heed my commands…

Just like taking in a well trained pet, the transition of ownership requires a certain degree of management. Austin may know what to expect from his previous master, but he needs to learn my needs. Anticipate me. Obey me.

As part of our routine, I insist Austin undress me. I stand still and let him do the work of stripping me from my shirt and tie. All the while, I watch him. Studying his expressions. Seeing where his eyes go. Where they linger.

He didn’t choose me. That’s not his role, but it’s clear he respects me… Fears me even! He knows I’m much stronger than him and not afraid to be rough when necessary. Every move he makes has a slight sense of caution, as if he’s hoping that he’s doing the right thing. This is good. This is how he should be…

Still. He’s just a boy. He’s learning much about what is expected of a man. But I’m patient. To a point!

As Austin pulls down my pants and underwear, I watch as he gets distracted from my large, hard cock and muscular legs. So much so that I have to direct him on how to fold them. I’ll let it slide for now, knowing that he’s worshipping me and my body even then. But that’s part of this process. Training him, teaching him, and molding him to meet my needs.

He knows his positions. When I order him on the bed, he gets on all fours and arches his back beautifully. His hole presented as it was when I won him. Still as perfect and tight as ever. Maybe even more appealing now that it’s been properly bred and seeded…

His lean body is so soft and smooth, my hands pleasantly pass over every inch of him before I order him to show his true obedience. When I tell him to suck my dick, he wastes no time wrapping his lips around it. It’s a lot for him to handle, but he does not back away. He keeps his mouth on it, worshipping it and massaging it with his tongue until I tell him to stop.

I could stand tall and watch him service me all night, but part of his training means knowing how to take my cock. And that means taking me raw in his hole!

I order him onto the bed, spread out, legs open, arms apart, face down. His hole is exposed and vulnerable, open for my fingers and tongue. I can tell he’s nervous, shaking and trembling as I move over him. It’s enticing to know he responds in this way… Timid and nervous.

Still, he stays prone, his perfect ass available to me, ready for me to take him again…