BOY AUSTIN - The Prize

Chapter 7: The Prize

BUYER #2: Master Myles

There’s nothing better than winning. That feeling you get under your scalp, that electric tingling that excites you, makes you feel taller and stronger. When I was the top bidder for Austin, it was a rush like nothing else. Not only had I won, but I was now this little guy's owner. He was mine. Mine to enjoy.

It’s somewhat of a rite of passage to get the gold ring on your finger. It’s a symbol not only of the new bond between master and slave, but it’s also declaring your place among the others. The buyers. The elite. It’s a fraternity I’m proud to be a part of. It’s a powerful feeling knowing you’re among such esteemed men, watching them express their authority and power, and to see them take claim of their winnings.

Today, I’m the lucky victor. As I step up to the auction stand, I see my prize waiting for me. A beautiful, well trained boy, presenting his hole up to me like it was served hors d'oeuvres. Showing me his tight little pink bud, inviting me, and completely submissive. Reaching out my hand, I simultaneously felt my mouth water and my heart pulse thinking of getting my first taste.

Claiming my prize is more than just an indulgence. It’s also a pledge. By taking my new slave’s hole in the view of my peers, I’m affirming my membership. By seeing each other lay out our seed and marking our new property, we know we’re serious and can be trusted with this awesome power.

As Master Legrand stepped away, passing his property to me like a gentleman, I loosened my tie, ready to feast on my treat.

Austin is a beautiful, sweet boy. His face is like an angel’s and his skin is smooth as silk. I would be attracted to him in any context, but knowing that I owned him… it brought something out in me. A ferocity and an aggression. Every touch, every look from him… it was that electric feeling of owning this boy again and again. And never went away.

My mouth fell to his hole, licking and tasting him, knowing he would do anything I asked--let me take any part of him, and likewise take anything I gave. I grazed my teeth against his smooth flesh, wanting to take a bite, knowing I could, but holding back. I brought my hand to his hole, fingering its opening, its warmth. HIs tight little sphincter wrapped around the tip of my finger like it could suck it in of its own accord. My cock pushed hard against the zipper of my pants, fuller and harder than it had been in quite some time! I was going to fuck this beautiful little guy, and by the time I was done he would certainly know that he is mine.

I took out my cock, happy to give the others a look at my massive tool as I had many times before. I would have shown it off to anyone just to enjoy the familiar jealous look on their face. People have always envied my looks, my body, and my size. Now, they got to envy seeing my huge cock disappear inside my tiny slave boy’s perfect little ass.

Austin sobbed loudly as I pushed into him. I knew he was no longer a virgin, but this was his first time taking my cock. His moans were like music to my ears. Seeing his flesh stretch and yield to me, it was a primal, powerful feeling. I felt like a warrior, a Spartan, a viking. Dominant, virile, strong, and in control of his boy property. The facial expressions on Austin were exquisite, a cocktail of pain from my many inches and pleasure from feeling his body stretch to accomodate my length and girth.

I grabbed his neck, feeling his collar press tight against his neck--a reminder of what he was. I used him like a toy, pushing him up and down on my cock. He was so small and lightweight, it required little effort to have him exactly where and how I wanted him at all times.

From the murmurs among the men watching, I was reminded that the others always enjoy watching as I claim a boy.

This is what life was meant to be like. For men like me--like us--the superior and powerful., As my nuts readied to unleash my load and pump him full of my cum, claiming him on a biological level, the exciting feeling of owning this boy completely spread throughout my body, making me feel like a god among men...