BOY AUSTIN - Party Favor

Chapter 5: Party Favor

BUYER #1: Master Legrand

Mr. Wolf has been good to me. He’s taken care of me, fed me, and kept me safe. But I know that I’m not his forever. Property changes hands all the time. And I’m no exception.

Tonight Mr. Wolf showed me off to some of his friends. Wealthy and powerful men like him. All prospective buyers. All potential masters for me. I knew I had to impress them. Not just to make Mr. Wolf happy, but to also show my obedience to my future owner.

They sat around and talked for a while. Drinking their expensive spirits from crystal glasses. Talking business, politics, and how they shape the world. It felt like being in the presence of royalty. Perhaps I was.

As they spent their time, I served them, tending to their needs and doing as Mr. Wolf requested. Toward the end of the night, my duties became more involved.

I showed off my body to them at Mr. Wolf’s request. He showed them my most intimate and private parts. Strange men of all different interests, taking their turn feeling my body, my hole, and my cock. They talked about me, evaluating me and inquiring about me as if I wasn’t there. Just an object, no different than any other prized property.

Mr. Wolf had me show them, too, how I could get fucked. In the private company of his colleagues, I took his bare cock, riding it as I propped myself up on his legs. For a moment I thought it was awkward and exposing. My instincts were initially to be embarrassed. But then I remembered my role--what I agreed to. I was to do whatever Mr. Wolf asked… including get fucked in front of his friends.

As he grew inside me, fucking me, he commented about my hole, telling them how good I was, how well trained I was. I wasn’t sure what they wanted to see, but I did as my master commanded.

It was strangely exciting, though. Seeing the men all staring at me, watching as I took a big cock up inside me, all of them grabbing at their own cocks, aroused and intrigued… it was very hot.

What came next, though, was even more exciting than I could have predicted. Mr. Wolf had me go to each of his friends, one after the other, and let them sample my wares. They played with my nipples, tasted my hole, and tried out my hole for fit. Each one took their turn, sliding their raw cock inside me, seeing how deep they could go.

I looked at Mr. Wolf. His usual pleasant smirk was gone. He was in business mode. The same stern look was on his face that was there when he was on the phone or looking at his papers. His cock was hard and he stroked it as I worked my way around the room, but it was clear what was on his mind: money.

One after the other, I let them inside him, feeling their balls slap against my hole, doing for them as they requested, riding or taking, slow or fast. They weren’t allowed to cum inside me… at least not yet. As Mr. Wolf said, that was the one of the privileges of ownership. The thing that they claimed over the others.

I don’t know if Mr. Wolf had any inkling of jealousy. He watched stoically as I was passed around, serving his friends as diligently as I served him. Perhaps his concept of ownership was beginning to fade, diminished as each new cock penetrated the hole that he’d first claimed.

In the end, I knew my days as Mr. Wolf’s property were coming to an end and soon. The men I pleased appeared satisfied with my body and my obedience. As a final show of goodwill, I was made to lie on the floor, arms, legs, and hole stretched out, as they took turns finishing themselves over me. Cum poured over my face, my flesh--each man looking at me with lustful and possessive eyes. Only time will tell who I will belong to next. I just hope I can make them happy...