BOY AUSTIN - The Merchandise

Chapter 14: The Merchandise


It surprised me just how tiny Austin was. Seeing him on the auction block, it was hard to fully appreciate his size compared to the others. But once I got up close to claim him, he was like a pocket-size toy!

My first instincts were those of concern. I had just spent a lot of money to own him. Would I break him too easily? With his delicate features, slim waist, and lean body, he seemed to have absolutely no weight to him! I imagined picking him up and tossing him around, but I didn’t want to damage my new possession...

As soon as I could, I pulled out my cock to give him the chance to suck me off. Not only did I find it pleasurable, but it set the tone from the beginning. Service me. Gag on me. Take me and don’t pull away.

Austin did as he was told easily enough. Tears filled in his eyes as he struggled to swallow me down, but he didn’t stop or resist. That was good. That was very good! Even when it was hard, he kept going. Perhaps he wasn’t so delicate after all.

I pulled down my pants, letting my fine clothes hit the floor as my heavy balls hung free. Austin looked at them, eyes wide. He knew what they contained and what he would have to take. I wasn’t his first master and he knew what was expected of him...

What a sense of strength! I knew I didn’t have to coddle him or be patient. I could demand obedience and receive it. Bending him over on all fours, I saw his fresh little hole presented up at me. It was so smooth and soft, you’d never know it had been at the mercy of several masters.

With my cock dripping with his saliva, I was able to easily slide myself inside him. Quick and simple! He shook all over as I entered him, seemingly surprised with the immediacy with which I penetrated his hole. I could tell he was a little scared. That was good. I wanted him to know I wasn’t just his owner. I was his master. His king. His god.

As I filled his body with my bare cock, I could see him cower with from my fucking. He trembled and moaned, looking up at me with fear. But as he did, his cock leaked precum all over his body as he furiously stroked himself. He wanted it as much as I did. And while it wasn’t required, it was certainly a perk!