BOY AUSTIN - The Auction

Chapter 13: The Auction

AUCTIONEER: Master Legrand

Everyone knows Austin. He’s been on the auction block a few times already, each time drawing the attention of all in the room. His sweet, boyish face and tiny, lean body make him a prize by anyone’s standards! You can hear a hush fall over the crowd when he’s brought out, each man knowing it might be his chance to collect such a valuable item.

I watched him as he was presented. Even after his previous master’s possession, his flesh was still smooth and unblemished. He had not lost any of his appealing veneer, still appearing like the fresh face virgin we’d seen broken in that first time out...

His handler was keen to show us all his delicate parts. His hole, pressed apart and displayed like a piece of art, was intact and pristine. One could be forgiven in thinking that it was never used. His smooth testicles, pulled from their protective garments, were sensitive and reactive to the touch.

We watched as Austin’s genitals were teased, slapped, and stroked, all while the boy stayed helpless and exposed for our delight. He never cowered, but his tense breathing and moans revealed his heart. He was nervous, anxious about who would own him next and for what purpose he might be sold.

I could see my fellow buyers practically salivating as he was put on his back, his hole lubed up and exploited, ready to be filled and used. The handler was careful to ease him open, taking a long finger to his sphincter, presenting it out so we could see it disappear inside him.

Inch by inch, the boy took what was given to him, letting out only the slightest sign of struggle as it pushed inside deeper. One finger became two, and he still accepted his position. It was enough to make my own cock leak in my pants and my hand raise in the air.

I knew I had to have him! This was my time. I wanted to be the one to fuck him. To use his holes. To train him and treat him. To see him on the end of my cock and to see his wide eyes looking up at me with worship and respect...