BOY AIDAN - The Grooming

Chapter 1: The Grooming


Aidan needed help. Being smaller than most, he grew up the runt of the litter, the one the other kids liked to bully, walking in the shadows of giants. He could barely hold his head high enough to even see who it was that was coming for him. A victim of a hard and unforgiving life.

But it’s not that he wasn’t special. He had smooth skin and beautiful, puppy dog eyes with full, pouty lips. When he stood still, he almost had the appearance of a doll. And just like a doll, he was easy to pick up, manipulate, and do with as you pleased.

All his life, he’d sought out others to protect him and shield him from harm, left to find bigger, stronger, powerful men who could look out for him. Of course, nothing ever came for free. Or easy. While I felt for the boy and wanted to see him safe, I also saw a great opportunity for the both of us. He needed something from me, and I could certainly find a purpose for him.

Taking him in, I immediately explained to him the offer that was on the table. He’d never need to worry about safety or protection or the humiliation of being bullied. He would, however, need to show loyalty and subservience to the men who cared for him. This idea wasn’t altogether foreign to him, having often exchanged the performance of chores and services for those who stood up for him.

Still, I wanted him to understand the gravity of the exchange. He would need to give up all power and control. He’d be owned, opened, and fucked… but it would be done by men who saw him as a valuable prize to cherish and hold, not to be thrown aside. I could see him trembling, unsure if it was what he wanted, but his lips parted as his breathing deepended and his eyes widened at the idea of being possessed. It was certainly unorthodox, but he found comfort in being owned.

Before I could present him to be sold, I had to give him a closer look. Taking off his clothes, I was pleased to see his body was as smooth and flawless as his face. He was a beautiful boy with hardly a mark on him, untouched and untarnished.

Stripping him of his underwear, I saw his beautiful round ass, lightly covered with dark hair. Even his cock, tucked away in his shorts, became exposed and available to my gaze, revealing its thickness and growing size. He was nervous and timid toward my hand, but he did not back away. I carefully moved past his shyness, opening him up and revealing every hidden inch of his body. He was absolutely perfect.

I needed to see how he reacted to being groped and teased. I played with his nipples and tugged on his testicles, listening to him make sweet music with his moans as I strummed him like an instrument. His back arched and his neck extended, contorting against my body as my long arm moved over his torso and loins. He wanted more. He didn’t know how to ask for it, but everything in his response begged to be used.

“Tell me this is what you want,” I whispered. He couldn’t meet his eyes, ashamed of his own desires, or maybe just simply afraid of them. I pressed him again.

“Tell me this is what you want. Tell me it’s all you’ve ever wanted.”

He could hardly form words, moaning to the sensation of my large hand on his throbbing member.

“It is… it is…”

I knew he wasn’t going to be able to muster more than that… at least, not for now.

I turned on his back, propping his legs up and apart as I oiled up his hole. It was so warm and tight. I couldn’t be sure, but everything from the look in his eyes to the tension in his anus told me this was his first time. Not just being turned into a possession, but being opened up. I tried to hide my excitement, seeing his gaze meet mine and study me for a sign of what was to come next.

I took my favorite toy to his hole, feeling it slide around and kiss the mouth of his anus. His body was resistant, scared and unsure of how to take something inside. I pressed a hand on his chest, trying to calm him like he was a scared animal. It helped. I saw his body begin to relax, yielding to my power. As one hand held him in place, the other slid the toy slowly into his hole, breaking past his sphincter and into his gut.

He let out a sound that I’ll never forget. The harmony of shock, desire, fear, and excitement all echoed in the room with a single yelp that made my own manhood leak in my pants. Had it not been his first time, I may have pulled it out and fucked him right then and there. Were he mine, it would have been something he’d never forget either.

Instead, I worked the toy in his hole as I stroked his member. It hung between his legs tempting me to tug at it. My slick, oiled hands slid over his shaft, bringing him closer and closer to ecstasy with each stroke. He didn’t want it to stop--and frankly, neither did I. But my own desire to see him climax was more powerful than his to withhold.

I picked up the pace, pumping his hole with the toy as I mirrored the motion in the front. Suddenly, his breathing picked up and I could see him ready to explode. Leaning my head down, I brought my lips to his cock, feeling his sweet, youthful fluid pour into my mouth, feeding me the nectar of his loins as he erupted again and again.

The taste was so flowery and decadent, I wish I could have it on tap. I knew immediately if Aidan could have this effect on me, he would surely command a high price at auction...