Chapter 8 Auction Slave Boy THE BOY COLE

Cole was certainly a welcome sight! His blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and milky white skin were presented so perfectly. He had the look of a good, wholesome,... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Auction THE BOY MARK

What are the chances? So many things had brought me to this moment to sit in this room, prepared to bid. I’ve always had a bit of dominant streak, but... [read more]

Chapter 16 The Slave Boy THE BOY AUSTIN

Seeing Austin in his cage was a unique thrill for me. Probably more for me than any other owner could have. I had watched this boy grow into the young... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming The Boy Blake

Blake had impressed the Europeans when they came to visit. His hungry mouth and hole were talked over for hours after the young men were put back into... [read more]

Chapter 7 The Prize THE BOY COLE

Cole entered the room so quietly, I would not have noticed him if I hadn’t been facing the door. He seemed to make as much effort as possible to not... [read more]

Chapter 15 The Prize THE BOY AUSTIN

I watched my boy crawl up to me on hands and knees, well-trained and knowledgeable about how to serve his masters. It put a smile on my face to imagine... [read more]

Chapter 2 The Prize THE BOY TOM

I was impressed with Tom’s demeanor. He approached Master Myles and I with a great deal of eagerness and obedience. He seemed to want to be there just... [read more]

Chapter 5 The Slave Boy THE BOY JAY

Jay waited for me in his cage, patiently touching himself like a horny puppy wanting to be played with. I’d only left him alone for a few hours, but... [read more]

Chapter 6 The Prize THE BOY COLE

I get the best! It’s not bragging, just a fact. I work hard, I have high standards, and I only accept the best that life has to offer. And why should... [read more]

Chapter 14 The Merchandise THE BOY AUSTIN

It surprised me just how tiny Austin was. Seeing him on the auction block, it was hard to fully appreciate his size compared to the others. But once I... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Merchandise THE BOY TOM

Before I met Tom, he was a little bit of a wild child. Out every night, different bars, new clubs; always on the hunt for someone to take him and dominate... [read more]

Chapter 4 The Prize THE BOY JAY

I was surprised by just how small Jay was when I finally got him alone. His slight build, narrow waist, and lean limbs served only to exaggerate his short... [read more]

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