Master Steele runs an extraordinarily successful brokerage firm and works just as hard in the office as he does on his physique. Commanding legions of stockbrokers is easy for him, but Master Steele’s true passion is for the boys he procures as his personal property, ordering their steps, penetrating their tight little holes, and sharing them other powerful men. The man is built like a brick wall. His presence is just as imposing to his board of directors in a well-tailored suit as it is to his boys when his manhood is bulging out of a tight-fitting swimsuit on his yacht. His muscular frame commands humility and wonder while his demeanor demands respect and obedience. And his boys are more than willing to comply. Treating a boy like his most prized position, putting him on display, using him for his own satisfaction and the satisfaction of others, makes a boy strive for his affection. And as a member of the mysterious Buyer’s Group, Master Steele gets his pick of the beautiful, perfectly trained bunch of boys his organization has in store.

I watched as Boy River was brought out onto the familiar stage. Countless boys have come through this room to be put up for auction...[more]

When Master LeGrand brought River out for his first auction, I knew he was something special. The way his body responded to him, I...[more]

Master Steele and I have known each other for quite some time. Running in the same social circles, and now, as fellow buyers, we...[more]

River is a sweet boy... His eyes look up at me with so much delight and desire! Were it not for the collar around his neck and the...[more]