Master Felix is a man who knows market value. He’s an experienced trader of various rarities, including precious stones, antiquities, and fine art. But he’s honed his eye lately on the most valuable possession: young, submissive boys.

Master Felix can see what makes them unique, but also the potential return on his investment. Some come to him perfectly trained, beautiful presented, and ready for sale. Others, however, require his knowledge and discipline to bring out their true worth. He’s able to see past a rough exterior and see a boy's value after he has been cut down and reshaped.

For this man, there is no greater satisfaction than bringing those finished products to market and seeing his hard work rewarded.

Master Legrand works hard and knows what he likes. He’s tall, handsome, and perfectly hung. He could get any man or boy he wanted, but traditional, casual sex doesn't always satisfy him.

Fortunately, he belongs to an elite cadre of gentlemen who share similar tastes and desires--in particular, a desire for those who long to be owned. He loves the thrill of being worshipped by a truly submissive boy, not just someone playing a part.

As a member of this secret group, he’s able to indulge in his deepest fantasies with the most pristine, virginal boys without compromising his innate dominant nature.

One look from Master Myles and even the least trained of boys is put in line. It's always been this way. Something about his piercing gaze and masculine presence signals a fundamental and primal message: he's the alpha in the room.

Master Myles knows he has this power and enjoys seeing how the boys who become his property look at him with respect and desire. Most of the boys fantasize about being owned by him. As a member of this elite men's club, no one complains when he makes the winning bid and takes a boy in front of the others in the bidding hall. His lupine instincts when manhandling a boy, and his massive endowment that he screws into a whimpering is truly a sight to behold. And when it comes to taking a young virgin boy's tight little quim, even the... [Read more]

Master Oaks is your average, suburban dad. He’s got the good wife, good family, good job, and the good looks to match. Everything he does and lives is about being responsible, considerate, and generous.

But when he’s here, he’s able to let go of his cul-de-sac lifestyle and live out his true fantasy: being the king of his castle, master of his domain, and dominant to a beautiful submissive boy.

He relishes knowing that his slave must do whatever he wants, no questions asked, and will submit to his every desire. Nothing makes him feel more alive than breeding a tight, young hole, and he’s come to bid on the finest asses he can.

Master Savage is the consummate coach. He loves to see a young man pushed to his limits, face his fears, and elevate himself beyond them. In the real world; he can only go so far, so fast with any young man he encounters...

But as a Master, he can set the boundaries of his submissives. He can have a firm hand and not be afraid to dole out punishment; but at his core, he wants to see a boy made stronger, not weaker. As a master, he expects obedience and discipline, but is excited to see what his unrestricted dominance can yield in the slaves he instructs.

Master Angus is broad, beefy man who cannot hide his power and dominance. He has a thick neck, barrel chest, and a dense salt and pepper beard.

His white shirt and tie make him look like a gentleman, but everything about his body makes it clear that he’s a beast. He projects alpha brute power, making betas quake under his gaze.

He’s in the market to find a boy he can not only dominate and control, but own and use to his pleasure and to let the beast truly come out.

It’s a special occasion on the sales floor! The powerful, wealthy buyers have come together for a unique, silent auction. Typically, boys are brought out individually and put up for sale to the highest bidder, each man indicating their desire by increasing their bid. This event, however, follows different rules; putting dollar value aside and determining ownership by one, impactful act: insemination!

Each of the boys are brought out, one after the other, and put on display. Boys Cole and Austin are joined by new merchandise, Jay and Danny. The young men look at each other with the same understanding glances

Master Ballad is a little gruff and a little rough. His big presence and stature make him an intimidating figure whenever he steps into the room. The respect he gets from this response is the biggest turn-on for him, especially when fucking and breeding a smaller, younger boy!

He can find that thrill online and in bars, but there’s nothing quite as exciting as having a boy to own and use as he sees fit. His beer-can thick cock is more than most can handle, but when he owns a boy, he knows they’ll do whatever it takes to endure the girth of his massive manhood!

Master Steele runs an extraordinarily successful brokerage firm and works just as hard in the office as he does on his physique. Commanding legions of stockbrokers is easy for him, but Master Steele’s true passion is for the boys he procures as his personal property, ordering their steps, penetrating their tight little holes, and sharing them other powerful men. The man is built like a brick wall. His presence is just as imposing to his board of directors in a well-tailored suit as it is to his boys when his manhood is bulging out of a tight-fitting swimsuit on his yacht. His muscular frame commands humility and wonder while his demeanor demands respect and obedience. And his boys are more than willing to comply. Treating a boy like his most prized position, putting him on... [Read more]

Master Dolf is a tall, handsome man with dark, slicked-back hair, a big cock, and an insatiable sex drive! Covered in tattoos, he’s travelled the world over collecting ink to reflect from his travels. He’s been to almost every continent, sampled the finest cuisines, the best parties, and had sex that people can only dream of!

And while men are eager to give him their bodies, his fantasies can only be achieved with true power! For Master Dolf, that comes from ownership. He loves jetsetting from auction to auction, finding new boys to call his property. He collects boys like his ink and he loves to see them collared and caged, used solely for his pleasure! Nothing makes him more rock-hard than the feeling of a tight hole wrapped around his massive meat as he pumps load... [Read more]

Master Divino isn’t the most imposing of doms. With his well-mannered personality, clean presentation, and friendly face, he appears as just another gentleman to most. What lies beneath, however, is so much more! All of his adult life, he’s gotten plenty of attention for his good looks and massive cock. So much so that many have submitted themselves to him repeatedly for the chance to kneel before it and worship it...

At first it was simply just flattering, but he’s grown to love it more and more over time! Now, he’s come to get off on the submission of his bottoms more than anything else, relishing their hunger for his cock and to be of service to him. Ready to take his lust for dominance to the next level, he’s found himself at the auction!

Master Adams is a tall, powerful man. Standing at 6’6”, he towers over most of the people he encounters. Even other masters have to look up to him when they meet him, unable to deny the strength of this presence! Not only does he stand tall, but his cock hangs in proportion to his huge body. He’s not someone who is in the habit of making a loud entrance or of chasing what he wants. With his good fortune of both wealth and appearance, he’s often doted upon and worshipped by young men who seek his favor and attention...

As such, finding someone to service him is never an issue! But spending time around other masters with their slaves, he can’t deny the appeal of having someone completely devoted to his needs, above all else.

He’s curious to see what an owned... [Read more]

Master Knox knows what he likes. And with his muscular body, handsome face, and powerful sex drive, he usually gets it. As a dom, he enjoys the power that comes from having control over his submissive. And as a buyer, that’s taken to the extreme. But what gets him off more than anything else is being the ultimate voyeur master.

Knox gets a special rush seeing one of his personal slaves getting fucked by another powerful man. Sitting back, stroking his cock, and dictating the actions of his inferiors makes him feel like a god, directing his subjects and watching them attempt to satisfy his desires. He can and does enjoy having his cock sucked and load taken, but serving as director of the action is his absolute dream come true.

Few men have the capital to own an entire Olympic swim team, but Master Figata is one such man. An avid swimmer himself, he scouts for the most promising talent in a perfectly tailored suit. He procures the most lucrative sponsorships from the most well-known sports brands and hires the best coaches for training in the off season and professional competitions.

The dividends pay off big. Only the luckiest boys know that recruiting for the swim team is not Master Figata’s only passion. Plenty of his young athletes started out learning how long they could hold their breathe above water, with the dom daddy’s cock in the throats. Master Figata has a thing for torturing a boy’s nipples. If he can a take a boy to the exquisite edge of pleasure that borders on pain and they... [Read more]

Master Robles is the image of suave. His tan complexion, toned body, and well groomed facial hair indicate the lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Everything about him is aspirational, from his sexy smile to his beautiful cock! He’s a model and a master among men. Everywhere he goes, everything has always been handed to him on a silver platter, but he knows it’s all just to stroke his ego. He realizes the world is eager to get a taste of what he has and they will all flatter him however they can. Even sex becomes empty and hollow when it becomes a transaction where he’s the prize… Of course, this all changed when he explored the world of boy ownership. He found himself no longer the object to be desired, but rather the master seeking worship and fulfillment. And now that he’s had a... [Read more]

Master Charger is brought in to appraise the merchandise of the collective, inspecting the young men to give their owners honest, impartial value for resale purposes as well as to feel secure in their investments. A prized specimen in his own right, Master Charger is a stunningly handsome mature daddy with salt and pepper hair, a trimmed beard, a bodybuilder’s physique, and a powerful, insatiable desire to breed. Whether on the auction block, up for assessment, or the property of the dom, boys tremble and quiver at the thought of being under foot to the powerful daddy, making him an impressive presence among the buyer society.

At first glance, Master Cox seems unlikely to be the owner of young men. Everything about him reads mild mannered suburban dad with a minivan, white picket fence, and a family. But Master Cox is a testament to the secretive and powerful connections the buyers have. When Master Cox leaves his home and heads to auction, he strips away his responsibilities and focuses solely on his pleasure. He loves the rush of claiming a boy for his own and using him as he sees fit, not having to burden himself with thoughts of reciprocity or balance. He’s in control, he calls the shots, and he fucks and breeds as hard and as rough as he wants.