Danny was a cute, innocently curious, young boy found lurking around the leather bars of his home city. He never had the courage to step up and ask for what he wanted, but has lived with a submissive’s spirit all his life. Seeing boys tied up, fucked, caged, and owned by their masters seemed like an amazing fantasy, but he was always left saddened to think that it would all end once everyone came.

Now, recruited for his virginity, devotion, and hunger to serve, Danny has the opportunity to get what he’s always wanted; the permission and freedom to be bound for life!

Danny is a sweet boy. You can see on his face so much of who he is. His eyes hide nothing. His cheeks flush red under his porcelain...[more]

It’s hard to say which part of Danny was most appealing. During the auction, I could see his cute body and sweet eyes, but I didn’t...[more]

It’s a special occasion on the sales floor! The powerful, wealthy buyers have come together for a unique, silent auction. Typically...[more]